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Need help for feedback - Watches design on Kickstarter

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Hello everyone,

We will relaunch a watch design project on Kickstarter! Honestly we are failed at the first launch; just reach 50%of goal:brick:. Now, we need more review and comment on our project to be restart and improve! We're almost done with our campaign page again and planning to relaunch on Early May.

Here is the link to our preview page:



We're mainly looking for these questions:


1.   What do you think of relaunch with extra lower our price on the product, is it attractive enough or not necessary? (first launch is CAD145 up with extra band, now is CAD100 up without extra band)

2.   Any missing information / picture you want to know about this product?

3.   What do you think of importance of free shipping?

Really want to hear all of your feedback. Thank you!:fistbump: 


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1) This is not actually allowed on the forum, but since this is my forum, I'm going to allow it, just because there are a few issues with this kickstarter that are an interesting case study.


2) Problem 1: Way too many gimmicks:

i) The face is leather.  Okay, that could be cool?

ii) Wait, we decided to emboss a very visible and not particularly attractive design on the leather. That's a gimmick too far.

iii) My bad, make that 2 gimmicks too far.  My first thought was: you made a left-handed watch!  The crown is on the wrong side of the watch. but while people might not know why the watch looks off, but it doesn't take much looking to figure out something is wierd about it.  Only after that do I read your copy, that that is a feature.  I don't know who gave you the feedback to put the crown at 9 o'clock, but you had better give a pretty damn good reason to deviate from the norm. 


3)  If you are going to go completely crazy, people see something novel and fun.  See - Nixon or Nooka.  If you are going to tweak a classic, you had better either keep it pretty classic.  Your watches are in no man's land.


Not meaning to throw too much water on your parade, because I know firsthand how are it is to tweak something successfully, but maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board, and decide what your mission is.  Is it to bring something really new to the table, or to tweak a classic in a way that makes it even more attractive, or something else altogether, and proceed accordingly.





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4) Use consistent samples.  Look at this picture:



Some of the watches have the crown at 9:00.  Others at 3:00 (the yellow one.)  You don't think that people aren't going to notice?  And this is repeated throughout the kickstarter.  Here, for example:




5) Take out any styling that just detracts from your core message.  This, for example:


Comes out of nowhere, and you have some odd picks for pants (mto jeans?) and footwear (serious, if there was a place for boring old Common Projects Achilles Low, this is it. 


This just distracts and detracts from your project.  

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Watch looks elegant. If possible embed the crown in the back as an innovation. This would make it unique and you will have first mover advantage.
Also make an automatic watch rather than Quartz. Finally make the straps with real croc.

Then increase the price.....higher price is perceived to be higher quality. But with these innovations and quality material, you will have a sound product a collector like myself will appreciate
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Finally, it's pretty clear to any native English speaker that though your English if very good, it's probably not your native tongue.  


This, for example: "Watch - Aesthetic and Elegance Timepiece. Design - Handmade Italian Leather Watch Dial. Amiable - Most Affordable Price."


Is riddled with errors and idiosyncracies associated with non-English speakers.  Even your initial post here has some oddities of speech, but that is forgivable, since this is a forum.  However, in your copy, it reads a amateurish.  Hire a native English speaker to edit or even write your copy for you.

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 Thanks guys for all the comments, and thanks LA Guy for correcting me so much, Feel fortunate to have such passionate advice!especial the ENGLISH problem! (feel little embarrassing)


I can imagine now I have too much thinking, too much wrong positioning! Really do appreciate for the advice!

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Decided put the crown at 9 o'clock after many experience



An example of this is our reassessment of the placement of the crown and it’s current lack of ergonomic function. As watch wearers we found that watch crowns often dug into the back of our hands and metacarpals—making them slightly uncomfortable.

Traditionally crowns were placed at the 3:00 position so they could be wound while wearing them. However, with a quartz movement there is no need to wind a mainspring like on a mechanical movement. But even then, when one needs to wind a mechanical movement it is most likely taken off the wrist to do so.

The only reason a person would need to access the crown of a watch is for adjusting the time for daylight savings (twice a year) or when crossing time zones.


Why then should we be uncomfortable 99% of the time for something we only use 1% (or less) of the time?

Where 90% of humans are right-handed we decided to move our crown to 9:00 thus removing the “3:00 pinch” (sorry lefties).


Yes, we should do more explanation on it.

Yes, we using the first sample for photo shooting! - big mistake:facepalm:

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Croco Leather looks to be a luxury option. It is good to have a few more avenues to explore before closing the door on the idea.

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