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Levi's 501's

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I bought two pairs of Levi's 501 preshrunk just a little over a year ago at Kohls

They fit so much better then the 501's I've worn previously but I can't find them again.

The difference I see is they have silver rivets and not the brass ones.  I don't see any on Levi's website with the silver rivets but want to know if anybody else know why and maybe where I can get more.

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You could figure out what color they are based on the code printed on the tag.


Levi makes the 501s in 20+ washes from multiple factorys so without an exact code it's going to be hard to tell you what you have

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And of course, I bought them over a year ago and don't have the tag. Just what is already on the back tag and there is nothing that I have already seen before.

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seems like levi's is constantly tinkering with the 501. look on the inside tag where it says "made in..." and also look at the backside of the top button and note the number. that number denotes the specific factory from where they come from.


nowadays they make em in mexico, egypt mostly, but i've seen haiti... etc etc.


the different factories make em slightly different. best advice i can offer is go to kohl's or wherever they sell 501s rinsed and try to match that information from the ones that you really like. if you do find them again i would also consider buying multiple pairs (i don't work for levi's lol) if you like em that much so that when you blow your current pairs you have more.


when i was in college we had an old leather guy who sold handmade leather sandals and if i was thinking clearly i would've bought have a dozen. what costs me $30 back then is next to impossible to find and incredibly expensive to order special.

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Thanks, I know I checked and my mom checked Kohls at Christmas but I haven't checked recently.


The code on the button is 400 and mine are made in Mexico.

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