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I'm sure plenty of people here hate A&F, rightfully so.  For really casual & weekend wear, in warmer weather I'm a big fan of decent polos.  I'm a pretty small guy, so I'm always on the lookout for something that is small & tapered enough that it doesn't fit me like a beach towel.  Yeah, you can find plenty of stuff in high-end designer brands but for something on the cheaper side I had stuck with either Polo RL (when it worked, which wasn't often), or BB (in XS slim fit, when it worked).  I stumbled upon A&Fs polos, forget when.  In a normal S, no bullshit XS, no slim fit, etc. just plain vanilla small, they fit great.  They were readily available and could readily be had for very little cost.  I was pretty happy at least one place still existed without stupid vanity sizing applied.


Today I swung by to pick up a couple polos, and noticed they now carried XS for guys - I thought, oh no....what have they done?  Tried on a size S polo - totally swimming on me.  Damnit!  They went the vanity sizing route too?  So now, they carry a small selection of XS, most of it is online only.  Why this change?  What's the point of introducing XS and making it online only - yeah I get it that this accommodates bigger guys, but it totally screws the other end of the spectrum like me.  Oh well, at least I won't have to deal with the loud music and horrible perfume anymore.