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5/2/2016 - 5/20/2016 SW&D Challenge: Rainwear

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Many thanks to Rais for running one of the most entertaining SWD challenges to date. I have the dubious honor of carrying on the Challenge tradition, and I chose to take inspiration from the season...




Imagine: April showers came last month and for some of us it seems they never left. It's now May and the spring air is supposed to be filled with the scent of tulips in bloom and the sound of squirrels emerging from a long winter's hibernation. Instead, it's thick, wet and suffocating. It's raining, and it shows no signs of stopping. 


Alas, the fridge is low on cow juice and you've got no choice but to head out your local overpriced convenience store - their inflated prices are only made worse by the fact that the owner has a habit of casting judgmental looks on your distressed, overlong shirts and jackets with extraneous dangly bits. You try to tell yourself he's jealous, but you can't help the feeling that he somehow just knows your fit that day only got a few pity thumbs on WAYWT. 


This errand must be completed - but how? What will you reach for that'll keep you stylish and bone dry in the face of the urban/sub-urban/rural environment that so desperately wants to enter your pores? Norwegian Rain or She Brings The Rain? Engineered Garments or Overengineered Garments? Gore or waxed cotton?


As always, an entry can be anything from a story to an outfit grid to a photo of you wearing your vintage Patagonia in the great outdoors. No matter the entry, it should should keep to the theme of rainwear. Bonus points for pics featuring actual rain. 


Entries will be taken from now 'til May 20. 

I hope i'm doing this right

things people wear in the rain (Click to show)










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Originally Posted by zxcvbn View Post




While I always appreciate what vanillajellaba is doing, whether or not I actually like it varies a bit.


Acronym/techwear-jellaba though, is seriously SO fucking cool.

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@kindofyoung Yeah it's like final form jellaba


More inspo:


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I'm about to be in rainy northern europe so I'll be sure to take some stutterheim pics

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Great challenge idea. I promise not to use my 3M rain jacket that everyone is sick of. Have something coming in the mail that should be fun for this.

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Great idea
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Originally Posted by troika View Post

I'm about to be in rainy northern europe so I'll be sure to take some stutterheim pics



Originally Posted by Rais View Post

Great challenge idea. I promise not to use my 3M rain jacket that everyone is sick of. Have something coming in the mail that should be fun for this.

I'm not sure anyone would object to more photos of that jacket but looking forward to your entry whatever it is!

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Originally Posted by zxcvbn View Post





...weather forecast for Stockholm - 70 degrees and sunny...

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Anyone have one of those Senz umbrellas? They look pretty nice.

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Am contemplating a cross-border raid from CM under cover of ominously churning storm clouds. Wait in suspense.
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Originally Posted by Rais View Post

Anyone have one of those Senz umbrellas? They look pretty nice.


I've had a Senz original stick umbrella for a year and unless it's drizzle I prefer to carry the umbrella over wearing an unbreathable rain jacket. It has a good coverage. light considering its size, and is indeed just like how it's advertised storm proof. It's definitely one of the coolest looking high tech umbrellas. 

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Was looking at umbrellas on Google and remembered that electronic "air umbrella" that there was a kickstarter for a couple years ago. Didn't turn out very well it seems.




Reading the comments reminded me of what happened with ToJ with the waiting, excuses and refund "issues". 

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Weather forecast shows a 0% chance of rain for the next 10 days and it is hot as fuck despite being the start of "winter" (thanks Global Warming) so I'll just post some clothes up and a bit of discussion.


The rainy season in Queensland is in the summer months between November and February. Temperatures range from 30 to 40C with 50-90% humidity. Being completely waterproof is essentially worthless because you will be perspiring constantly. Breathability and comfort are a higher priority and a slight water resistance is acceptable for short exposures in the rain. This climate together with the fact that I exercise outdoors nearly every day has me lean more towards activewear than techwear for daily outfits. 


Sub-Tropical Rainy Season Wet Weather Outfit

  • Outerwear: Nike NSW Three Sixty running jacket (extremely light weight, packable, vented back and sleeves, 3M reflective tabs, drawcord adjustable hood and waist)
  • Top: Lululemon running tank (10% silver thread composition for anti-bacterial/anti-odour, mesh panels for breathability, 3M back stripe)
  • Bottom: Rufus Green track pants (100% organic cotton, high breathability, good stretch for exercise, durable, absorbs a good deal of water before soaking through)
  • Footwear: Nike NSW Hypervenom Free (NikeSkin polyurethane upper textile, significantly more water-resistant than FlyKnit or bonded polyester sneakers yet breathable due to perforations, lightweight, Free 3.0 sole has acceptable wet weather performance and grip)



I may post up a cold weather variant of this later, if there is interest.


Wet Weather Backpacks

  • Nike NSW Eugene Cheyenne 2000 (Polyurethane coated waterproof outer, waterproof YKK zippers with metal pulls, shock-resistant padded laptop compartment; this is the best backpack I've ever handled and I've flipped through at least a dozen trying to find a replacement, it is superior in water-resistance to the variant with the front leather panel because of the polyurethane-coated outer; I've worn this for 2 hours+ in a torrential downpour and not a single drop of water got through to the interior)
  • Surplus military backpack (Water-resistant nylon outer, polyurethane coating on the interior of each compartment for water proofing, customised with 3 x Grimloc D-Ring carbingers, 3 x Swivel rotating D-Ring buckle clips and 4 x metal locking clasps; you can get this bag on eBay for $AUD29 in a multitude of colours, it is great value; the zippers are not waterproof but I've worn this in light rain for short under 30 minute commutes and the interior was bone dry thanks to the polyurethane coating)
  • Nike ACG Karst (Slight water resistance with a vinyl outer and panels that cover the non-waterproof YKK zippers; well-padded and good carrying size that will hold up to light rain but nothing serious)



Something fun I picked up

I got this in a few days ago. It's a screen used costume piece worn by Federal Police officers in Total Recall (2012). Not the best film, but I enjoyed the set and visuals in the first half of the movie that took place in a dystopian Australia. It's a costume piece so the stitching is horrible but it's been constructed to be very durable since it was used in action scenes by the extras to be placed over their armor. It has YKK Vislon zippers and the outer is transparent PVC vinyl, so it is completely water proof (but obviously not breathable). I took a couple quick photos before I left to work today.


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I've been in the Nordics for a week and it hasn't dipped below 65° with 0 clouds in the sky. What is this.i packed specifically with this challenge in mind...

What else have you been hiding from us?
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