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Brown Shoes and Dark Grey Suit

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What is your opinion on wearing these together?  Are the shoes too light?


Shoes: http://www.dsw.com/shoe/cole+haan+lenox+hill+cap+toe+oxford?prodId=333315


Suit: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/napoli-dark-grey-plain/P2525I.html







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I guess before I give you any advice on what color shoes to wear with the suit you have selected. I have to warn you that your choice of shoes is something a lot of members on this form would not approve of. Mainly because of the price and the quality of the shoe made by Cole Haan are pretty low as such your cost per wear goes way up. You maybe limted in your funds however, it would be best to save another 100.00 and get a pair of Allen Edmonds. Your feet will thank you as well as your wallet in the long run as you will have a better shoe and will not be replacing the same item soon depending how often you use or wear them.

If you are not having to wear the shoes that often then I can see your reasoning however I do not agree with it. Anyway, to answer your question about the suit and shoe color.

The charcoal or dark grey suit is the most formal of all suits after black so while you "can" wear brown it may not be your best option. Oxblood or black in my eye looks better.
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I agree with Alpha11, generally speaking darker suits you would wear either Oxblood or Black shoes. Although I have seen Dark Brown shoes with Charcoal suits like the picture, are acceptable to some.
I've seen in the the fashion foward crowd wearing Brown or Tan shoes with Black suits. As a rule of thumb, Tan shoes are generally paired with suits of Brown hues. I have seen some men pull off Tan shoes and Navy suits though.
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Those shoes are a mess: too light, open lacing, low quality construction.

You can definitely wear dark brown shoes with a charcoal suit.
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Thanks guys for the opinions.


I think I've decided on these darker brown shoes:


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