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Help: Overweight and Short and trying to change my entire wardrobe

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and ive been wanting to change up my style for quite a while and step up my game. Its hard for me to find clothing that fits nicely because i'm short (5'6) and overweight.

For a while now i have been wearing Graphics tees, Levi 510s, cheap cardigans, and converse. The Levi 510s seem to sit too low on me and they make me look even shorter. (It also make me look like i'm sagging) Even when i get them hemmed

I need help finding jeans that will look better on me. I prefer a less baggier style of jeans. I understand that all jeans i buy have to be shortened from the 30 to 28.

For shirts, I want to start wearing button-up shirts. From what ive seen in patterns i like checks and other not overly complicated patterns. I'll also wear pretty much any color but i like darker colors for obvious reasons. I also prefer to tuck in my button up shirts but from what I gather it makes you look shorter.

I would also like a pair of brown shoes. I was thinking Brown Leather sneakers. Something that's not formal and more sporty but still looks nice. But shoes are hard to find for me because i have a wide foot.

I have no idea what to wear for outer wear. right now i either wear a cardigan or a sweatshirt because of the ease of it

Any help or suggestions would be great. If anyone disagrees with any of my opinions and options please let me know and give me your advice.

Thank You


My Measurements: Pants- 38-40 and 28

Tee shirts- XL

Shoes- 8 or 8.5 wide

Shirts- 18 Neck, 32/33

Jacket- 46 or 48

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Hey bud, 


For outwear are we talking going out on a date or going to class?


I am definitely no expert on this stuff but if I were to suggest anything, I would suggest to stick to what makes you feel comfortable. When I go to class I like to wear some khakis with a simple polo from h&m and maybe a pair of converse or vans. And to finish it off I will wear a watch that matches the colors of the outfit. 


Cardigans and sweaters are fine too. 

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I might suggest some chukkas in addition to some sneakers - they would fit the style you describe well.


As for suggestions, what is your budget, and what price levels are you comfortable with?

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These are the shoes I was looking at.

 And in my experience all the Chukkas i have tried on were to narrow for my feet. My budget is pretty decent, I dont have an exact number but for all my casual wear i have around $1000 to spend, maybe more. But for jeans im comfortable with around or under $100 a pair. Shirts im comfortable with around $75 per shirt. And for a Jacket i can probably spend $200 or more depending on how much ive already spent. I already have a suit and a blazer for more formal occasions.

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For a Jacket i already have a blazer and normal cardigans and sweatshirts for class and similar activities. In my mind i was thinking of a jacket similar to this one But not as heavy and warm as a that jacket, which might be a contradiction since that jacket is most likely wool.

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If possible, I'd strongly suggest losing weight before buying new clothes. I'm a fellow short guy (5'8") so I know that even a modest weight change can have a huge impact on our frame.
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