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I'd put it on par with Luciano Barbera.
A fair comparison, except Baldessarini doesn't have handstitched buttonholes. They are still made by Ma.Co (R. Caruso) I think. Barbera's cut is far superior though.
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Didn't know about the buttonholes, thanks. koji
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can't have too many quality garments, even if you can't wear them at all the occasions one would like.
I think this should be the official Style Forum motto.  Or the motto of the self-help group spawned by the Forum.
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a harris, yes baldessarini suits are still made by caruso - i spoke with some of the hugo boss reps (canada) two weeks ago and they confirmed this for me
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One other note, not that most people here will shop there, but the staff at the Armani outlet in Cabazon were abysmal. Some guy was trying on a jacket and it looked like he was swimming in it, he was probably a 38R and they had him trying on a 44R or something and the sales person said "most people can't buy off the rack stuff, you'll need to have it altered" .....
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For what it's worth, one of the sales staff at Zegna (Cabazon) lamented the fact that they were receiving fewer and fewer high-end Napoli or Trofeo pieces. She was fairly honest in pointing out that the Gritti line was fused, but one of the new black 2-buttons suits had pick-stitched lapels or something. and most of the suits at the Armani outlet seemed to be their lower-tier Mani's. Off 5th seemed to have the best quality-price ratio: charcoal Canali --> $499  
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They also had some Collezioni, and regular line stuff at the Armani store, but I wouldn't say they had alot of high end stuff. I think the best price/value was the Baldessarini personally, because Boss was blowing that stuff out the door, $499, less 20%, less 10%? wow.
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I went to Cabazon today to check out the Columbus Day 1) Zegna's outlet is selling some nice main line suits for about $525 after the $75 coupon you can get from the outlet office.
Was this coupon only for Columbus day? I think I remember you mentioning a VIP coupon before. Is this what you were refering to?
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If you go to www.premiumoutlets.com you can join their VIP shoppers club and get a coupon book. Many of the coupons are useless but some are nice, 10-20% off diff things.
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