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$69 (USD)
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For Sale:
NWT Kamakura white dress shirt 15 3/4 x 33

Will Ship To: United States

Story time: I was in NYC for the weekend and bought this shirt. Due to a miscommunication with the clerk, I thought I was buying a different sleeve length (she grabbed this particular shirt for me after I determined what I size I wanted--she seemed very confident so I didn't look at the label). Didn't realize my mistake until I left NYC and got back home. Since I paid in cash, the exchange/return process seems like a bit of a hassle and I don't plan on being back in NYC in the near future.

Kamakura should be familiar to most of us on this forum. Great shirt--really bummed about the error.

Size 15 3/4" (40 cm) neck; 33 inch sleeves. Measures approximately 20.5" armpit to armpit. I paid $79; am listing for $69 with FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S.