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new job; looking to upgrade

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Hello all,


I have landed my first high-paying job and have always wanted to dress the part.  Typically, I go for suit supply since it's in my budget and fairly well-made and slim-fitting.  I was finally able to afford Ralph Lauren Black Label navy solid Anthony suit, and after some tailoring, I absolutely loved it, and have gotten more compliments on it than anything else I own (then again, it's also the nicest thing I own).


I'm quickly learning that there's an entire world of men's fashion that I never even bothered learning about because it was way out of my budget, and I'm quite frankly overwhelmed.  


I'm 5'11", on the muscular side, 31" waist, ~40" chest, 165lbs.  I love the sleek, trim, tailored look that RL Black Label has.  My other suit I got off eBay years ago that I enjoy is the Oswald Boteng tailored very tight.


I'd truly appreciate if you guys could point me in the right direction to start building up the closet I've always dreamed of.  Any insight into shirts (I like very light, egyptian cotton style, crisp but cut very slim shirts), and anything else you can think of is greatly appreciated.  My budget is flexible and I live in the US with 4 seasons.  I don't think I need to buy any tuxedos, but suits, sport coats, shirts, dress pants, etc. are all part of my project.


Thank you all.

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What trade or calling? There are vast differences in attire required e.g. Lawyers and marketing etc.
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Plastic surgeon.  I will be wearing a suit to clinic and meetings M-F, and will be going to national conference meetings probably every 2-3 months.  I live on the West Coast.

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West Coast? Getting warmer, at least figuratively speaking. If it's LA, the flash on a cosmetic surgeon probably is much more acceptable than it would be in most other locations. And what about shoes? That might be the second-most important apparel category for a cosmetic surgeon. Furthermore, to be blunt, this situation (cosmetic surgeon, major wardrobe upgrade) probably is best handled with professional assistance, because the appearance matters so much.
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Clinic - suit?

If you are doing this as a commercial enterprise i.e. elective mutilation then fair enough, medical necessity surely that is in a hospital environment where the easy ability to wash your clothes is an overwhelming priority?
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