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For Sale:
Carpe Diem s21m backzips in dark brown waxed horse, size 42

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Carpe Diem Size 42 S21M in Brown Waxed Horse


Bought these from @AlexanderTG about a year back and have worn them maybe 3 times since. They're built really well and he had them resoled by Willie's in LA before I bought them. I'd really like to keep them, but they're just too big for me. Been trying to convince myself that this isn't the case, but alas...


Not really much to say here, as you probably know the deal with these boots if you're interested. See the pictures for condition, but they're in really great shape. One of the zippers can be a tad difficult at times, but nothing major (this could also be my complete incompetence with zippers, as I find every zipper difficult).


$650 shipped anywhere in the CONUS, other places you'll need to tack on a few extra bucks to cover the difference.