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College town clothiers

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I was Googling shoe colors and happened upon the sadly nostalgic piece linked below. Do you have fond memories of your college town clothier?  Is it still in business?  Is it now selling Italian suits?URL=
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It's not a "college" town per se, but I went to prep school at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. I was very fond of the tiny "Andover Shop" that was downtown and the old, well-dressed, and knowledgeable salesman and the requisite navy blazers and signature academy repp stripe ties. Of course, back then I was ignorant that the quality was at the level of Brooks at best and also didn't realize that it was relatively famous, but it was always a great place to go -- I've never been in another store that had that same feel.
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This is a good topic. I think it'd be neat to have a book with old photos and acompanying essays on all the old shops. Harvard Sq: J. August, Andover, J. Press, Coop, Crimson shop. One in Kendall SQ near MIT. Keezer's (second-hand) in Central SQ. New Haven: several, incl. Yale Shop, J. Press, one that I cannot remember name of, a shoe shop. Chapel Hill: Julians Princeton: had several. Westwood: Wilger, and one called At-Ease, which I think was a chain, and a little more Polo than Ivy. Amherst: cannot remember names now. Several in NYC near Columbia, and others in NYC that have been discussed on the Amer/Trad thread on AAAC. Pollock has listed several in the South. When did J. Press open and close it's shop in San Fran? There's so many more if I gave it some thought.
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