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Solito Vs. Orazio Luciano?

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Since both Solito and Orazio Luciano are quintessential Naples style tailoring, was curious if anyone had thoughts on the difference between the two house styles. Yes, one is bespoke while the other is MTM, but they're awfully close to the same price. Curious to everyone's opinions ...

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I do not think the two are comparable as any real Neapolitan bespoke maker is to a factory operation. The pattern and construction are so different that cannot see how you are even considering comparing the two.
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I don't have any Solito, although I've been thinking of trying them soon.  I do have many OLs MTMs which happen to fit me pretty well.

The differences in construction are clear to me, MTM vs. custom.  I'd be interested in your thoughts on any stylistic differences, if any. My OLs all basically have high arm holes, high gorges, relatively large lapels, very light canvassing. etc.  What could I expect from Solito - which BTW look awesome form the pics I've seen on this forum?   Thanks.

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