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Help with ties please

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Hi guys,
These ties serve me daily for work with suits and also for weddings, funerals, parties etc where appropriate. They are what I have left after my own culling efforts. What would you drop from the below and what would you add to it?







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Well, you are certainly not lacking for solid ties!  I might suggest adding a few grenadines in both solid colors and in subtle patterns, and they a few ties with small, repeating patterns.  And finally, a shepherd's check and a Prince of Wales tie are both always good to have in the line up.

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I'd get rid of all but the solid in the fifth picture. The large scale plaids limit you to solid items (and even then, won't ever look as good as your other ties) and the white of the stripes will blend into white shirts and look odd against blue shirts.
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A striped tie with three colors (probably one stripe narrow) would be a solid addition. Perhaps also a two-stripe tie where one color is medium- or dark blue and the other is not white. A paisley would make sense. Some unusual materials such as wool and linen deserve consideration.
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