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I removed the Poron from AEs, it was easy

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Allen Edmonds adds a Poron insole in some of their shoes, such as those made for Brooks Brothers and their current line of "2.0" models. I got a pair of "Atlantis" seconds (a longwing made for J Press) that has Poron and after several wears, still found them too tight and confining. 

My theory is that AE makes their Poron shoes as normal and then simply adds on the Poron, without adding any extra space in the shoe to accommodate the Poron. I am actually surprised that there are not more complaints about the fit of the Poron models. I find the cushy-ness to be nice, but they need add more volume in the upper if they are going to glue in 1/8" of Poron.

Anyway, there are some older threads here and the other forums with people contemplating trying to remove the Poron from their shoes. In all the threads I could find, the conclusion was always "Not Possible" for one reason or another.

Well, I tried removing the Poron for myself and it was surprisingly easy, taking about 30 minutes per shoe to scrape out the Poron with a screw driver. I believe the Poron is just glued to a standard leather insole. Here is what the process looks like:

Step 1: Rip out leather insole liners. These are glued in, but the glue is not strong and the liners come out easy and clean. It only takes about one minute per shoe to rip these out. There are little wings at the front part of the liners that are tucked into the structure of the shoe....however, considering how easy they are removed, I don't believe removing them does any damage to the overall shoe.

After the insole liners are removed, the Poron layer is revealed:

Step 2: Scrape away the Poron. The job is really not too bad. The Poron is a little stubborn as it comes out in small bits and chunks, but the material removes "dry" - it is not a mess of adhesive or anything like that. I started with a small flathead screwdriver to cut it apart, then moved to a normal sized flathead screwdriver to scrape away the pieces. Getting to the very tip of the toe area is the hardest part, but still not that's completely do-able working with the screwdriver.

Here is what it looks like as you are working:

Below is the end result. The leather insole stands up well to the scraping of a screwdriver, however if you really go at the little remaining pieces of Poron, it'll start to abraid. I don't think trying to get the leather insole perfectly clean would be worth it. 

Step 3: Finally, I cut the little wings off the front part of the insole liners, and put them back in the shoes. I didn't use any glue...the liners seem stay in place fine without any adhesive.

The end result is that the shoes feel right, with the fit that I'm used to. No unexpected side effects or anything like that. Again, I really do believe that AE simply makes the shoe per usual, then they simply glue in a layer of Poron as an add-on.

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I came here expecting pron...but I got poron. Or I guess this is poron porn? Makes sense on a menswear chat forum.

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I'm considering doing this to my Brooks Brothers version of the Fifth Avenue. The poron is just awful, and my feet hurt within hours.
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That 2nd pix looks like a cheap $1 Dr. Scholls insole.. 

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