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Watch with a suit

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I am looking to buy a watch for my boyfriend. I just tend to buy Him a watch for birthdays and it seems like He likes having a bit of a collection. He recently bought a navy blue suit (on the picture below, but he wears it with completely different ties, more... plain ones) and I wanted something that will go well with it.

I have read some rules and it turns out it should be a black leather strap watch, as he wears black shoes and a black belt. 

I found a couple of watches that I like and Simon Carter one is my favourite, but I would like some advice... Is the crock leather pattern too much? Is it actually a proper 'dress watch'?


I'll try to add pictures, hopefully you can see them!

I would be really grateful if you know any brands I could look up as well. I am a bit on a budget, looking for something up to around £200.



Thank you in advance for any replies:)


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Hi @monikacz -


I am not a watch expert by any means, but excepting the chronograph (the Emporio Armani) any of those watches look fine for a dress watch.  Crocodile is perfectly fine for a dress watch, as a croc embossed pattern.


Also, watch straps are interchangeable.  I am not based in the UK, but you an easily find replacement or alternative bands for different occasions.  If you ever want toe splurge, this is a good place to get a handcut and sewn strap:

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The Simon Carter has basically the same problem as the Armani. The crocodile strap is a minor issue, as in perhaps not an appropriate choice for a lower-level interview.
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I've spent some time looking for similar watches and doing research on the watch forums. The boss and armani I think are just branded versions of mass market watches... Fossil I think.

Here are a couple in your price range that are from independent companies. They have respect for design and quality of build.



My taste runs even more towards the minimalist than these, I tend to think a dress watch shouldn't even have a second hand! But either of these I'd be happy to receive. Good luck.
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Thank you for the replies! I actually really like the Christopher Ward one, I will look into some other companies as well, thank you!
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I'll jump on the occasion to advise a nice Swiss watch :)

So, in your budget and style, you could check out Frederique Constant or Tissot. Maurice Lacroix (which I currently wear) might have something in your budget, though I am not certain of it.


I'll also add that a classic mechanical watch might be an investment, but is "timeless" ;) This of course all depends on your budget.

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I think a lot of the watches you chose are great! Definitely remember that usually in a suit environment a watch should be slimmer so that way the cuff will have a easier time gliding over the watch. With that being said a watch that has a more minimalistic look to it is going to do well. Steelguy gave a great example of the type of watch I was picturing. Hope this helps you just a bit more :)

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