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Another option would be bamboo. I've seen some nice cloths that are 100% bamboo and look pretty nice, if often a bit casual (though supposedly it can wear cool and that, plus casual vibe might be good for Vegas). That might work for sportcoats, though I have no idea how useful/appropriate 100% bamboo is for trousers, so that might be another hurdle (not to mention suits, obviously).

Having lived in Las Vegas for two years, I can concur that you may want some heavier things during winter months. The day is usually pretty OK, but I think linen would still look odd. Plus, anytime the sun is not out in the winter, it gets quite chilly with no cloud cover, so it'll get chilly.

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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

I'm not saying you have to bundle up in a camelhair overcoat, but that chilly wind can certainly get you.

No good. Camel precluded for vegans.
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lol No shit.

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Originally Posted by tims1973 View Post

What do you guys think of these offerings from these websites (Links I provide here range from pedestrian-dress to what seems to me to be high style on the links)?


Suit offerings:


Frankly, there aren't too many "vegan" suit offerings that are going to cost a lot.  Most are cottons/linens/polyester which most men's suit lovers frown upon, however I've found a local suit maker in Las Vegas named Gary Franzen who actually offers vegan options in fine suits, belts, shoes, ties and hats.....and promises to promises whole ensembles that will be high end even if they are vegan.  His Yelp reviews are all spectacular ratings.  I am really considering getting at least a couple of suits made by this guy, even if they cost me a couple of grand.



Links to various animal-free shoes:



Remember, I'm just starting out in this fashion venture, so please don't sneer too much if something offends your style sensibilities.  Just be honest and sincere.  


So, do any shoes in there seem to be "passable" as a stylish shoe that can go with a suit?



Also please comment on belts from these sites:


Wallets from these:



Please, in your response, please link up the items you think have real promise to go into a nice, quality outfit ensemble. 


For instance, am I out of my mind for thinking this shoe (even though its not 'gloss/shine' oriented) might make a statement with a tan-colored suit and cream color vegan belt for a summer men's professional office suit?







Belt (perhaps not a precise shade match to the shoes but with more searching I bet I can find a really spot on color match for a vegan belt)









I think that setup looks sort of South American and summer'esque.  Definitely stylish and can be used for professional or upscale casual.  This suit could look professional with a standard tie, or be a high-end casual with a cravat scarf.  (Yeah, in my brief venture into "style" I ran across pictures/products of Ascot/Cravats, for both neck scarf and tie and I like the way they look a LOT.)


If that's not what you guys have in mind as an example, then there are plenty of other options among my links you can find for faux-leather and faux silk/wool suits for a more "pro" look.


So, please, have a look at my links and maybe do a little of your own google-fu and give me some more ideas (or better ideas) from your experienced style minds.  I'm way too new at this to turn down any suggestions.  Go nuts with it.

What you've pieced together is essentially what I was envisioning. I couldn't picture what I meant by cloth shoes but those pretty much are what I would have pictured if I knew about them. Like someone else said, you may still want to see the tailor for the suit rather than BB as the suit will still probably not be vegan with horsehair canvas. Also the look would be very bright yet low contrast with all the white and offwhite and may not be wearable super regularly without you becoming the guy who looks like a cocaine kingpin. That's not a condemnation of the look but more of the versatility; if you are going to wear tailored clothes everyday you are going to stand out wearing bright light tailored clothes everyday. You may also, even with the above look, want to see if you can get a slightly darker shoe/belt combo just for a bit of contrast. Also even an oatmeal/sand colored linen suit vs a white/cream linen suit would probably be a bit more versatile however if you can only buy vegan and have a budget for multiple suits than by all means include the cream one as there is nothing wrong with it at all

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