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Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

My man Kulata is one.. he is Nigerian as well..

Well, give him (Kulata) a nudge ChocSosa smile.gif
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Hi Alan Bee,

I thought I’ll get this thread active already. You wondered in the original post how some of the African members here get access to clothing giving the limitations…:embar:. I stock up whenever I’m abroad 95% of the time, but I do go thrifting here in Accra once in a while mostly for casual shoes. I have gotten some very nice used Edward Greens and Loake shoes this way. These shoes are mostly vintage though. I have one barely worn Vintage Loake made from Elephant skin that I picked up the same way. Made in the late 60s I think. I was wondering since it is only you and I that are currently posting from the mainland, why don’t we for starters post pictures of the thrift/second hand clothing markets around? I'm sure SF members would love to see how we manage the challenge especially for us in the tropics. Sadly I couldn’t get to visit the one in Lagos the last time I was there. I went thrifting last weekend at the largest thrift/used clothing market here in Accra called “kantamanto” (I hope niidawg3 will chip in to say something about this place since it appears he's originally from a min drive away from this place)…took a few shots.


I  picked up this zara jacket (which I don’t have a need for right now…hopefully later this year) in the midst of these well beaten up old leather jackets. I took a few photos of the stand. They looked mostly vintage to me. These jackets are of course not worn here. They are mostly bought by Ghanaians traveling to countried with cold climates that are looking for something on the cheap. The zara jacket was going for 50 cedis (about $12) so I said why not. Here are a few photos of the stand.





A few more (Click to show)





I walked off only to see this apparently used white shirts stand. Most of them were made by Charles Tyrwhitt. In my opinion these are way better than the poorly constructed Indian and Chinese made shirts that are usually found in developing countries.




I will go thrifting again tomorrow. I’ll see if I can get more photos of the ties, shoes, trews, belts, socks, hat, etc stands. Cheers :) 

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For those of us S/F Africa Chapter members on this thread, could you please spare a few moments of your SF browsing to answer a few questions? This is a soft market survey in connection with a potential investment into a Neapolitan tailoring/manufacturing house.

Conducting a quick poll.

How much do you (i) currently pay or (ii) would you pay for your tailored suits, jackets, shirts? 

Suit/Sport Coats
A) $1,500 or less
A) $2,000 
B) $3,000
C) $4,000 or more

A) $100 or less
B) $200 
C) $300
D) $350 or more

Where do you Currently Shop for Tailored Garments
A) Abroad (Off the rack)
B) Abroad (Custom Made)
C) Locally (Off The Rack)
D) Locally (Custom Made)
E) Traveling Tailors from Hong Kong or India

Please, you may just respond Suits A, Shirts B etc. Do bear in mind the price ranges would of course reflect the quality of the garment and more individuality built into the product. Furthermore, 

A) how long are you willing to wait to take delivery of the final garment? There may be one (1) fitting between ordering and delivery of the garment.

Thank you and regards

Alan Bee
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Anyone take a swipe yet??

Where are my fellow Africanas?

Alan Bee
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