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Martin margiela

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What do you guys think of his clothes? How would you rate the quality? From what i have seen at several boutiques, i like what i see. However, the price is pretty damn high. I was at aloha rag this past weekend and saw a nice brown blazer. I checked the price tag and it was over $800. I wouldnt mind too much if it was an oxxford, kiton, and such...but this was just the same old distressed blazer i could find from jil sander, helmut... I know there are some margiela fans in here, but are his prices really justifiable? Dont get me wrong, his clothing is really nice and have this sort of unique take on essential pieces, but even his long sleeve tshirts cost 150 dollars.
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LA Guy should/might know. He makes mention of Margiela often. I'm also curious.
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It's a difficult question to answer. Unlike tailored clothing, where it is easy to compare, for example, the amount of handiwork on and the cutting of different suit jackets, there are no clear metrics by which to judge a designer's worth. You might argue about sewing techniques, blah, blah, blah, but if you want bondage pants made by sewing a strip of fabric wrapped around a legging shell this season, Helmut Lang is your only choice unless you DIY. Margiela stuff is pretty distinctive, and it is unlikely that you will find similar styles elsewhere for cheaper, although I saw a Rogan distressed sportsjacket at Louis Boston is remarkably similar to something Margiela might come up with. Certainly, his "artisanal" 0-label pieces, like his shirts constructed from two shirts cut in half down the middle have a lot of handiwork in them. Nevertheless, you are paying a premium for the Margiela label, although not so much as you would for say, the Jil Sander name. (BTW, you pay out the wazoo in markup for the Kiton or Oxxford name too.) I would say that Margiela jacket will probably be pretty well constructed, and if Margiela fits you well, it will probably look great, but don't expect to see handpicking on the lapels (although you might find that it has a floating canvas front.) It's just not that type of jacket. On the other hand, you might find some quirky detailing that you wouldn't find on an Oxxford, and the material might be something that you don't find in swatch books down at Kiton (the Belgian designers pay a lot of attention to fabric.)
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Just a quick question about something amusing I saw on eBay. I was looking for pocket squares and found an auction for one that was just a strip of cloth attached to a piece of cardboard and labelled as a Martin Margiela piece. Is the seller just making stuff up or is that something Margiela would really do? I have to admit it got a good laugh out of me at least.
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Hey man, MMM is one of my top 5 luxury brands, also is just fashion; If you like it, fits, you want it and you can get it: Buy it, Life is too short!!!

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