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Advice needed for wedding shirt please

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Hello all,

I am attending a wedding in 4 weeks, and thought it was about time I started getting some ideas together for my clothing.

I've got a navy suit which I will be wearing, and I am struggling with what shirt to get.

Basically, I wanted to be a bit different, and didn't fancy the traditional plain shirt. Would a light pink striped shirt go with the navy suit? Or are striped shirts a no-go for a wedding?

I was also hoping to wear a bowtie for a change. What are the thoughts on this?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks for your time smile.gif
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1) A white shirt is never a bad idea, Perhaps you could play with the texture.  Something with a subtle tonal stripe (but not shiny), something in a good herringbone fabric, those might all work.


2) If you don't want to go with a white shirt, maybe go with a very pale pink, and eschew the stripes, which could be a bit too businessy, and go for either a solid or a tonal pattern.  (Yes, pale pink goes well with navy).  Something like this Attolini (if you are a bigger guy) could look good: http://www.yoox.com/US/38532075/item?gender=U&cod10=38532075DK&kpid=US-38532075DK-10-PE16&adtype=pla&adpos=1o2&creative=81739559927&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&tp=107979&gclid=Cj0KEQjw0dy4BRCuuL_e5MeqmNABEiQAq8iNI_M5DGR3A_UdiVvISp0qMqnmST-gCtSvRv8VcvjS-FkaAtli8P8HAQ#cod10=38532075DK&sizeId=


The important thing is that the shirt be in a warmer, brighter, tone, that is both suitable for spring/summer (there are darker pinks that are more fall), and that lends something to your outfit, but is not going to jump out too much.  


I would say that with colors like pink, that it really needs to be a high quality shirt,  This is not a shirt to go budget with, or it will be just terrible,  You don't need to google very long to see how pink goes terribly wrong.  


Good luck.

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Thanks a lot for the help, really appreciate it


I get what you mean re: the stripes being too "business", that's something I was worrying about.


I will have a look around online and see what I see


Thanks again!

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