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For Sale:
Ffixxed Japan-exclusive tuck pants

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is an insanely nice pair of light khaki colored pants from underappreciated brand Ffixxed. The fabric is this crazy nice texture that feels almost like a French terry but it's not really nubby, it's like a beautiful towel or blanket. The fabric breathes well but isn't paper-thin, it's got some substantialness. The cut is a tapered straight leg style, which is amazingly versatile and extremely cool looking. These have no flaws. I just don't see them getting much wear in my wardrobe at the moment.. 
Waist - 15'' but can a lot of body types due to the high rise. I'm a 32'' waist and these are a great fit. 28'' might be too small but 30-32'' should be fine
rise - ~18'
inseam - 23'' (high rise means comparitively shorter inseam)