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Help Identifying White Sneakers

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Could someone please help me identify the sneakers stòffa uses in their instagram photos:

I'm looking for a pair of minimalistic white canvas sneakers. Any suggestions?


Something similar to Steve McQueens sneakers in this famous photo:

Sadly McQueens shoes have proven to be very hard to identify and none of the models suggested in the thread are good enough.

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They look like Spring Courts to me...

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I think McQeen is wearing Jack Purcells. Definitely not Spring Courts (in either photo).

As for white sneakers in general, practically everyone makes them.
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I believe the stoffa sneakers are Supegra 1705 Cotu. They're sold in two shades of white, "900 bianco", which is white (probably the one used by stoffa) and "901 white", which is off-white.


@drtchock: Springcourts have very distinct holes along the soles and lots of extra rubber at the toe cap:


@Dr Huh?: Jack Purcells have their very recognizable "smile" in the front and even more chunky rubber on the toe caps than the spring courts:


My best guess for McQueens shoes are Tretorn Racket. I don't care much for the toe cap and decorative wave seam of the current Rackets. Maybe McQueens Rackets were different, or perhaps these details just weren't very visible in the photo?


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