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Your thoughts on Oliver Peoples?

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I´m stuck between Garrett Leight and Oliver Peoples. Which one do you think has the better quality and/or offers better value for money?


I´m looking for a brand that´s products I can wear for the rest of my life (I´m very loyal to a brand once I choose it), which one of these do you think will be more likely around in say 50+ years?


The models I´m considering are OP Finley esq and GL Hampton.



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See my answer to your similar question on your other thread. You don't need glasses you need a time machine.

Garret Leight is the son of the fella who started all Oliver Peoples. I don't know if they're made in the same factory but I own both and they're both well made. Pick a style you like that isn't too outrageous and go with it. Nobody can tell what will be acceptable in fifty years, we might all be wearing silver lame jump suits and glasses like Jordy off Star Trek Next Generation.
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Originally Posted by Thin White Duke View Post

Nobody can tell what will be acceptable in fifty years, we might all be wearing silver lame jump suits
I've seen a lot of science fiction movies from the 1960s, so I know that in the far future (like, in the 21st century) just about everybody who frequents the "in" places - underground science bases, Utopian cities whose mile-high spires look out over the desolate wasteland, bicycle wheel space stations, etc. - will wear silver lame jump suits.

Which is as it should be, of course. Nothing more clearly says mankind has advanced beyond its foolish youth, to an age where the human spirit is fully appreciated, than having everyone wear the same outfit.

But what annoys me are those future civilizations where people's silver lame jump suits are then covered in plastic wrap.

Because the average silver lame jump suit of the distant 21st century can be removed for a potty break in under 2 minutes. But the ones wrapped in plastic take probably twice that long. Which is just too long to strike me as a reasonable trade-off for fashion.

Then again, in the ancient past - like, the Regency Period - aristocratic women often needed considerable time and the assistance of a Lady's' Maid to disrobe. So I guess even the saran-wrapped silver lame jump suit constitutes progress, of a sort.

(Oh, and as for predicting which eyewear companies will be around in the year 2066, nobody knows and this is an area where "considered judgement" should more properly be termed "wild ass guess." Less than fifty years ago - indeed, in many cases, less than 20 years ago - various market segments were dominated by the likes of Eastern Airlines and Pan-Am, General Foods, Blockbuster Video, Woolworth, E.F. Hutton, Arthur Andersen, Enron, Bethlehem Steel, Compaq, MCI, etc. All gone, now. Garrett Leight and Oliver Peoples may be still be going strong in 50 years, or they may be long extinct. And it's impossible to know which.)

(If you just care about the glasses being around for 50+ years, and not necessarily the brand, well... I suppose a pair of eyeglass frames can last that long.Most people change enough over that length of time that they choose to change eyeglass frames - or lose frames, or damage their frames to the extent that they don't bother having them repaired. But so long as they're not lost, run over by a car, dropped into a vat of acid, etc., I would think nearly any eyeglass frames could last 50 years. Maybe a couple of small screws would have to be replaced every so often, but the frames themselves would endure.)
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