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Dude, it's your wedding. If you want to wear a tux, do it. Those shoes will do just fine. And if you're the only one in a tux, that's fine too. It's your wedding.

Thanks, I will see how they look with the tux after getting polished up nicely.


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I use Despos, and he is superb, but again, if it is out of your price range, not much you can do about that! For $750 to $1,000, not certain just how much you can get "custom." A lot of "custom" shops - aside from Mr. Ned, and a few other exceptions - will simply farm out the suit to a 3P after taking measurements. In some ways, you are often better at looking RTW, if you are an easy enough fit. With custom - especially inexpensive custom - comes a whole lot of risk. And depending on when your wedding is, well, risk may not be the best thing...

Thank you. My budget is going to be about $1000 to $3000 which is still well shy of Despos pricing. I contacted some of the vendors LA Guy suggested and that is within their price range of MTM suits.

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