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Seems like there were some technology issues on their end.

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Return them, you do not need their permission.
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Thanks. I will reach out to them one last time tomorrow. Considering they're the ones who messed up, I don't feel like paying the $30 for shipping.

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I would appreciate if someone could help me out here. I'm trying to register a return label through DHL, but it doesn't recognize the return address.


The following worked:

Malford of London Ltd Returns
Ermine Street Unit 6
SG9 9AZ Buntingford


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Hi [redacted] (apologies),

Please can you resend your email.

We have not had any contact from you other than the message that you sent on 23rd March, asking to swap a pair of sunglasses on your order for another model.

Kind regards.
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I sent you an email with a screenshot of the messages I've sent through your website.

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