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Let me buy you a beer - A quick survey.

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Hey guys,


Been lurking on here for a while but haven't got around to posting until now.


I'm just about to finish up my semester in college. I'm taking Business and Marketing and I'm doing a small report on the world of online MTM (inspired by indochino's huge $42 million upgrade early last month) I've noticed that although online MTM is becoming more and more popular, many men are skeptical that they'll get a good fit.


So here's my question.


Let's say you saw a suit online that you had to have. The cut (as in silhouette), the details, and the fabric were all perfect. Let's also say it's priced perfectly within your budget (whatever that may be)


This suit isn't available anywhere in store and you can only get it online.


Now, when you go to check out they give you an option of putting in all your own measurements as you would for Indochino or Black Lapel.


OR you can simply select from their wide range of standard "OTR" sizing.


They both come with a $70 alteration credit. Which do you choose and why?


And for your efforts, I will buy you as many E-Beers as you can drink :cheers:


I appreciate your opinions.



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I would buy the stock size. I am, besides a longer than usual arm, a pretty standard size and could easily read reviews of customers who bought stock sizes more accessibly than custom fits.

Blue Moon, please. smile.gif
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It their OTF has a good return policy, that would be my choice. I would not waste my time / money on online MTM with the possibility of no refund if not satisfied.

Guinness for me, please...
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I would do neither. I have peculiarly straight hanging arms which many sleeve pitches conflict with... and it drives me nuts. I simply must try something on first, unless it is so well priced that I can take a chance on it, or it has a good return policy. Which is precisely the reason I am going to go with Kent Wang for online MTM. He sends you a trial suit to try on first, and then alters off of that.


Also: Kentucky bourbon pls.

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Cheats, I didn't know hard liquor was on the table... lol
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I don't get up in the morning for anything less than 90 proof.

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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

I don't get up in the morning for anything less than 90 proof.

As a single malt man, I frequently settle for 86. smile.gif
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Barley drinkers are weird. lol

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OTR. Don't trust myself or most online MTM options. One exception might be shoulders.

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It’s hard to give an answer for so abstract a general case, since in real life there are so many relevant variables which we don’t know.


One thing we do all know is how risky online MTM is, of course, so there’s no need to belabor that point.  As @SpooPoker and @Claghorn indicated, if you’re lucky enough to be reasonably close to a standard off-the-rack fit then buying OTR is less risky than if you’re not that lucky.  If you do buy OTR, however, there’s another consideration which hasn’t been mentioned:   exactly what are the alterations you expect to need and do you have access to an alterations tailor competent to make them?    That’s going to vary markedly depending on where one lives—in some places good alteration tailors can be hard to come by.





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OTR. I just don't trust myself to give accurate measurements and it seems (could be wrong) there are always posts of poor fitting garments and how to correct it.

I'll have a Black Tuesday
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