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Friday Challenge 4/15/2016 - The 20th Century Man - Page 6

Poll Results: Who is teh best?!

Poll expired: Apr 19, 2016 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 20% of voters (12)
    Crusty the 20's Banker
  • 21% of voters (13)
    Baracuta 60's M-o-M
  • 10% of voters (6)
    'Nam 70s Clags
  • 10% of voters (6)
    Intimate Pravda 50s
  • 25% of voters (15)
    Amsterdam McDermott 70s
  • 11% of voters (7)
    70s 007 calypso
  • 15% of voters (9)
    20's Dennis "Peaky Blinders" Walter
  • 8% of voters (5)
    40s Newsman Bienluienapris
  • 25% of voters (15)
    Clouseau 70s Suedehead
  • 30% of voters (18)
    20s EFV at the Cottage
  • 15% of voters (9)
    60s Thin White Duke/Michael Cane
  • 15% of voters (9)
    Baracuda 60s Mr "Steve McQuenn" Knightley
  • 5% of voters (3)
    DerekS the 70s Rock n Roller Hippie
  • 8% of voters (5)
    Miami Vice 80s RoSaCe
  • 31% of voters (19)
    70s Turtleneck CruzAzul
60 Total Votes  
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Congrats Cruzazul :)

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Holy crap! Being a No Necktie Guy I was hoping just to make it onto the podium. Props to @EFV who I was sure had it. There were a lot of great entries this time. I want to thank all my fans, my agent, Sal Ferragamo, Luigi Incotex, Akira Uniqlo, and the anonymous Korean leatherworkers who made this all possible.

Did we do the much-maligned navy trousers yet?
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Originally Posted by CruzAzul View Post

Did we do the much-maligned navy trousers yet?


Do eeeeet!

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Wow, thanks for all the votes guys! Congrats to Cruz! I think navy pants would be fun.
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Oh there would be more rules than just that, but I want to confirm that we didn't already do navy pants. There was much debate in WAYWRN about the wearability of said garment.
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It has been done before but not for a while. I think you'd be safe.
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There is always debate about it. I think its silly. There are plethora of ways to successfully pair navy pants. Just ask gdl!

I hope this upcoming challenge proves this point of view, and not the opposite. :/
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That was fun!
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Congrats CruzAzul! 

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Thanks again, all.

I have to admit I was completely unprepared to win one of these things, so someone help me out:

1. Is it OK for me to open the contest tomorrow (Friday) and have it run 1 week to next Friday?
2. Am I going to have any trouble turning the post into a poll once entries close?
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1. At this point I think that is what you have to do. After the contest ends your punishment will be a 1 month TO.

2. Nope. You will still be able to edit thread and add a poll. If you do get locked out, which I think does not happen until 2 weeks since the OP, any mod can add the poll for you.
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New Friday Challenge is up!

Navy Trousers Unleashed
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