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Friday Challenge 4/15/2016 - The 20th Century Man - Page 4

Poll Results: Who is teh best?!

Poll expired: Apr 19, 2016 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 20% of voters (12)
    Crusty the 20's Banker
  • 21% of voters (13)
    Baracuta 60's M-o-M
  • 10% of voters (6)
    'Nam 70s Clags
  • 10% of voters (6)
    Intimate Pravda 50s
  • 25% of voters (15)
    Amsterdam McDermott 70s
  • 11% of voters (7)
    70s 007 calypso
  • 15% of voters (9)
    20's Dennis "Peaky Blinders" Walter
  • 8% of voters (5)
    40s Newsman Bienluienapris
  • 25% of voters (15)
    Clouseau 70s Suedehead
  • 30% of voters (18)
    20s EFV at the Cottage
  • 15% of voters (9)
    60s Thin White Duke/Michael Cane
  • 15% of voters (9)
    Baracuda 60s Mr "Steve McQuenn" Knightley
  • 5% of voters (3)
    DerekS the 70s Rock n Roller Hippie
  • 8% of voters (5)
    Miami Vice 80s RoSaCe
  • 31% of voters (19)
    70s Turtleneck CruzAzul
60 Total Votes  
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How suiting I am visiting my friends summer cottage this weekend:

20-30s style.
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As proprietor of Rod's Mod Blog (see link below!) it was always gonna be the sixties for me. I even went down into the garage to pay homage to Sir Maurice:




Suit - Silver mohair sharkskin MTM from Thick As Thieves
Shirt - TM Lewin
Tie - Charles Tyrwhitt
Chelsea boots - Aldo!
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There are so many great entries, especially the 1960s-inspired ones. 


I grew up in that decade, regretting that I wasn't a little older as the Mod styles of the mid-sixties seemed to me the epitome of cool.  There was one particular piece of kit that I absolutely loved - the Harrington jacket.  My entry pays homage to that exquisite piece of outerwear and the mid to late-sixties. 


My entry:


Jacket - Baracuta G9 in 'loden'

Shades - Giorgio Armani

Polo shirt and cotton v neck - Polo RL

Levis 501s

Loafers - AE Kenwood



(My pics from two or three years ago in Venice)




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Originally Posted by Mr Knightley View Post

There are so many great entries, especially the 1960s-inspired ones. 





If i had more time i would have tried an original Drugstore look...

But i miss a vintage Renoma suit in my wardrobe, and i don't have for a while some Weston loafers...


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This is just a poor excuse for a post since I am frustrated that I cannot participate. Since I live separated from most of my wardrobe I only have clothes that I can wear on a consistent basis. If I would have access to all my clothes I would have been able to pull off a decent early skinhead look from the late 60s or a classic 2-tone 70s rude boy. But it was not meant to be... 

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It probably goes without saying, but brown + plaid pants + turtleneck = 1970s.

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@Cruz that's a cool look.
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sometime in 1973-ish

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Lots of really fantastic entries, gentlemen. I'm feeling way too lazy this evening so I will extend the deadline until sometime tomorrow morning when I feel like getting around to putting up the poll.
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Originally Posted by pravda View Post

@Cruz that's a cool look.

Thank you, sir. So many designers I like were influenced by the 1970s -- I might in particular mention that Ford guy -- that the challenge for me is to not go overboard. Like, I could have worn ivory loafers and/or a shirt with big collar points laid out on top of the coat's lapels. Would have been a bit gilding the lily. I want to celebrate the era, not become a caricature of it, you know?

Edit: Here's a details / textures photo. Voting isn't open yet but I wasn't sure if we were allowed to tack on additional material, so I'm putting it in this separate post for you and anyone else who finds the fit interesting.

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ITA. This was a fun challenge. I started to pull out my white polyester suit from High School aka Saturday Night Fever, but to do it right I need to drop 15 pounds. Maybe next year. Lol
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Very nice textures. Reminds me of Bill Bixby "Courtship of Eddie's Father"
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So nobody dared trying the 80's? If it's not too late, I couldn't find my 6x1, but here's my Miami vice inspiration

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Poal is up!
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I waited till after the poll was up because this is not an entry but from my time as David Starsky





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