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For Sale: Balmain X H&M Black Embroidered Metal/Velvet Jacket UK 42/EU 52 BNWT/Receipt

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£1,300 (GBP) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Balmain X H&M Black Embroidered Metal/Velvet Jacket UK 42/EU 52 BNWT/Receipt

Will Ship To: Anywhere

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Dear Potential Style God

You need a unique jacket to enhance your look. You need something with the design and feel of the Balmain mainline. You need something with the same hand embroidered material and metalwork.

You need the same feel that exclusivity brings. The same attention to detail.

But you can’t go ahead and buy the piece now. It was part of the fall winter 2012 collection, was a limited release and is harder to find now than hens teeth.

Then again, you could scour the forums and eBay and hope to find a genuine item from a trusted seller who was willing to part with it for its €14,000 retail price. Maybe one day, if you play your cards right.. But not right now.

Right now you need the look at a price you can afford.

You need a statement piece that has the same style, cut and breathtaking attention to detail whilst still being exclusive and hard to find at retail.

I purchased this jacket direct from H&M on that fateful day when they released the Balmain collaboration and the world lost 3/4 of its mind trying to lock down some of the greatest pieces ever to grace the High Street.

Websites crashed, people got into fights whilst waiting in line, innocent people were mugged and folks even held stock hostage in store and forced people to pay a premium to hand over the clothing just so they could take it to the till and purchase it.

Yes. Balmainia had arrived and it was in full swing.

The undoubted star of the show was this piece, the black embroidered jacket. 200 units were released worldwide in keeping with the exclusive ethic which is why now, 4 months later, they are still few and far between and even less so in the size that I share with thee.

Coming in at a UK 42R (EU/US 52R) this is the perfect fit for most people.

A close cut, waist length piece that was based on the original design of the Fall Winter 2012 collection that retailed at €14820 when released. See here for more details and pictures:


When you compare both jackets you can see how they did a fantastic job of bringing couture to the masses with this collection as they are identical in design and detail.

The original jacket was a very limited release and is now next to impossible to find without paying a premium that nearly trebles its original asking price and the H&M interpretation is heading the same way as its being snapped up by fashionistas as a way of getting the look without taking out a mortgage.

So why am I selling?

Because I already have the pieces that I want from the collection and thought I’d offer you this opportunity to add this exclusive design to your wardrobe as its been hanging unworn in mine.

Thats the only reason I’m selling you this jacket.


I’m a neat freak that verges on OCD so I keep my things looking nice and fresh. I’ve tried this jacket on twice at home and aside from that its spent its time safely wrapped up. It comes complete with the Balmain dust bag, tags and I can supply the official receipt of purchase along with the transit packaging.

I’ve provided high quality pictures to illustrate the level of detail and quality that has gone into crafting this superb jacket which will grant you the €15k mainline style for a tenth of the price.

With only 200 pieces released worldwide there is a good reason to assume that this item will only accrue in value in collectors eyes as it is historic for two reasons:

One, that it marks the first ever collaboration for Balmain and two, this jacket was the undoubted star of the show from the catwalk to the promotional literature to the demand upon release date and beyond.

And it can be yours. To treasure, wear and enjoy for a most reasonable sum as listed above and I’m even willing to listen to and entertain offers so come one, come all and see what so amazing about this piece that it holds the whole world in thrall.

I will be packaging the item securely to ensure that it arrives at your door in pristine condition and it will be shipped via a priority courier with full insurance for peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for? Time and couture wait for no man so lets make it happen.



Listed for £1614, will accept £1300 from styleforum members including priority shipping worldwide.

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Now listed on eBay as a £1 NO RESERVE auction with worldwide shipping.



Item number: 222085949465

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