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Italian Shirt Brands

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After rather a lot of searching, I am finding it hard to define what are currently the best Italian shirts as most of the detailed posts are pre 2010 and it seems that from the odd post here and there a few of them have changed over the years.


I am rather interested in Finamore value wise as it seems you can get a nice RTW shirt for under £200 but you could also go English and get Emma Willis or T&A for the same?


It's just I do not know much at all of the current Italians i.e. Kiton etc. or Borrelli who if I am not mistaken are not made the same way anymore?


Would anyone care to elaborate on the current standards please?

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I am not really up on current status of T & A quality.
However, I own several current Finamore shirts,
which I like very much, but would be willing to bet that they
will not last nearly as long as my T&As. For example,
the hand attached sleeves on the Finamores look very
"artisanal" but the stitching looks frail compared to the
fine machine stitching on the t &As. I have one T &A
that is over 20 years old which I still wear.
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I think G. Inglese has good arguments on their shirts.

Even if they have different standards to finish the shirt (between 18 and 23 handmade steps), it's in my mind the best value for money if you don't want to go for Bespoke shirts.


I have 4 Inglese shirts, one Tab collar, 2 button down and 1 spread collar with fabrics from Thomas Mason and Monti. 

I love handrolled hem and real MOP buttons.

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I have shirts from Brancaccio Caruso, Guglielminotti, Del Siena, Morziello (an old disapeared brand) Salvatore Piccolo, Barba and Kiton.


The best of all of them are Kiton, with all the handmade steps very finely made, much better than Piccolo and Barba (also more handmade parts), but of course they are more expensive.


For casual shirts in washed and vintage fabrics I love Piccolo's, I prefer them over Barba vintage ones, as they look more original.


Maybe the Morziello is my favourite one, because has hand attached sleeves, collar and buttons, beautiful MOP buttons and the price was around 100$ when I bought it. I am still looking for a shirt at that price with the same quality.


I still have to try Borrelli, Attolini and Isaia to compare them to Kiton, if they are at the same level, but I prefer the smoked MOP buttons from Kiton than those from the mentioned brands.


Caruso, Guglielminotti and Del Siena are machine made, with some details trying to emulate handmade and sometimes MOP buttons. IMO, only worth looking at them at 70$ or so, no more.

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