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A more obvious game

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OK folks, what's in common with these international cities? ------- New York, New York, United States Herndon, Virginia, United States Atlanta, Georgia, United States Toronto, Canada Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States Washington, District of Columbia, United States San Francisco, California, United States Reston, Virginia, United States Denver, Colorado, United States Valhalla, New York, United States Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States Dallas, Texas, United States Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States Woburn, Massachusetts, United States Amersfoort, Netherlands Chicago, Illinois, United States San Jose, California, United States Boston, Massachusetts, United States Los Angeles, California, United States Lund, Sweden Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Princeton, New Jersey, United States Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States Irving, Texas, United States Irvine, California, United States Mesa, Arizona, United States Parsippany, New Jersey, United States Chesterfield, Missouri, United States Montréal, Canada Sydney, Australia Ashburn, Virginia, United States Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States Syracuse, New York, United States West Hartford, Connecticut, United States Houston, Texas, United States Kansas City, Missouri, United States Plano, Texas, United States Ottawa, Canada Rochester, New York, United States Pleasanton, California, United States North Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States London, United Kingdom Manassas, Virginia, United States Littleton, Colorado, United States Phoenix, Arizona, United States Madison, Wisconsin, United States Calgary, Canada Stafford, United Kingdom Amsterdam, Netherlands
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I'm still not on there.
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Neither am I.
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Do either of you have avatars turned off? Are either of you using AOL or another large ISP?
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They are all here on Earth ? What's your criteria, vero ? Is this the top xxx list ? B
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Yeah, these are the cities that WebTrends tells me are accessing my lovely avatar the most, in descending order of unique users.
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Can you tell me, offhand, the number for the last city ? Björn
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I use ... wait a minute, I'm not telling you, you cyber-stalker. I bet you're collecting a database about us and planning to hunt down and steal from our closets. Well I have nothing you'd want, so anyway I use Comcast. Probably doesn't help you much anyway.
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what's in herndon VA and cherry hill NJ that they should rank in the top 5? just a couple really avid styleforum members?
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