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Ethically-made suiting - your recommendations wanted!

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Hi all, new here and so I apologise in advance if this has already been covered in detail elsewhere - search function didn't turn up much on this topic.

I'm in the market for a new suit for work. My budget is up to AUD$1200 for off the rack (Hugo Boss are in my experience the only store in Australia with a decent long fit), although I'm considering stretching to MTM.

Can anyone recommend suit shop in any of Adelaide / Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane which offers ethically-made off the rack or MTM suits?
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A lot of our Australian members swear by Oscar Hunt Tailors in Melbourne.  You might ask @Gerry Nelson.

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I've got a double-breasted suit from Oscar Hunt and I really like the fit I got. They did a really great job. Suit Shop is another option and I believe both will fit within your budget. As far as the suits being ethically-made, I couldn't answer one way or another. I didn't check. Neither of them strike me as companies that would use sweatshops, if that's what your concern was.

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Can you elaborate more on your definition of ethically made? If it's supply chain issues, go for a cloth by Vitale Barberis Canonico, which is the gold standard for ethics in the supply chain. It's pioneered the recycling of water during production and is revered for the treatment of sheep.
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I'm not looking to turn this into a big debate, but what exactly does "ethically" mean, in this context? That the suit was made in a country with a good record of upholding basic human rights? That the people who made the suit were paid in accordance with some (which?) standard? That the sheep from whom the wool for the suit is derived were sheared in some sheep-friendly manner? That the facility where the suit was manufactured uses only environmentally-friendly renewable energy? That the manufacturer donates some percentage of its profits to some cause(s) you deem desirable? That the suit's manufacturer doesn't discriminate in hiring/promotion with regard to age/gender/race/religion/ethnic origin/sexual preference/etc.?

Again, I'm NOT challenging your right to limit yourself to ethically-made suits. I'm fine with that. I'm just not sure what ethically-made means in this case, and would appreciate some clarification.
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