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Business Casual Shirts for Public Speaking?

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I am searching for a few good business casual dress shirts. Something in slimmer modern cut, in a dark color, in a wrinkle-resistant fabric would be ideal.


I have a very minimalist approach to style. I lead a small non-profit. Most days to the office and out in the community I wear a pair of dark Levi 501 STF, brown Wolverine 1000 mile boots, and a dark or light grey button-down Oxford. It works really well with my work. On days I need to dress it up a bit I'll wear a sport coat. I don't tend to wear patterned shirts, but do try to choose shirts with good texture. 


About once a week, I do some public speaking for the organization to a diverse group of business leaders, teachers, farmers, and construction workers. A few come dressed in suits, some in jeans and a sweatshirt, and most in between. I try to dress in-between. I usually wear a pair of Dockers 5 Pocket Pants, with shined 1000 Mile Books, a skinny tie and a shirt. I'd just wear my day-to-day oxfords, but they get wrinkled really quickly. So right now I just wear either blue broad cloth shirt or a non-iron Oxford from JCPennys. I have one dark grey Wrinkle Resistant shirt from the Gap I like a lot. But I hate the shirts from JCPennys. They stay nice and crisps, but the collar is really big, and the cut is bad.


My day-to-day shirts that fit pretty well are some Oxfords from J Crew Factory and from the Gap. I am 5'10 155lbs.


Any direction would be much appreciated. I have no clue where to go. I just need a well-fitting modern shirt that is not too formal but still presentable in a subdued color and texture. (Maybe I'm asking too much!)

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Wrinkles are always going to happen, regarless.  I think that with your style, a shirt in chambray or otherwise, would suit you well.  The first brand that sprang to mind when I thought of your style is "Taylor Stitch", who have a lot of shirts that might be good for a non-profit - looks good without being overly fashiony and distracting, and also both casual enough for the sweatshirt crowd and "makes an effort" enough for the suits:




Their casual and utility shirts can be a little wrinkled without looking sloppy:


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