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Church's Factory Store in Bicester

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Hello All,


I did some reading around the forum, and I haven't seen anything quite updated enough to answer my question. In general, is the Church's shop in Bicester worth the trip up? I am looking for some classic shoes while I am over here to help round out the wardrobe rotation.


I am on holiday out in Gloucester, however I am with a small group that would be going to Bicester simply to accommodate my desire to do a bit of shopping. Worth the trip for the shoes or not?


Thanks for the opinions all!



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So, to answer my own question, I would say the trip was worth it. They have both factory seconds as well as shoes designed for the factory store. Seconds are of course a bit random. But there was a nice selection, especially in UK 6-8.5 and 9.5+

The stores overall were excellent and I wish I could have spent more time there, I think I could have found quite a few nice things all in all!
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Did you go there? I'm going to travel London next month and buy shoes at church's.
Does the church's store in Bicester village have small size products?

My size is small as 5F.

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I have no clue f they have shoes that size. I did go, I thought the trip was worth it, but I think going to the actual factory store in Northampton(I think) is probably more worth it than the bicester one unless you want to do other shopping as well!
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Thank you for your reply.

I wish I would go to Northampton, but my wife wants to go Bicester village...

Anyways Bicester seems still good, and I'm just wishing my luck.

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