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€320 (EURO) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
Suitsupply Pure Wool Super 110 Vitale Barberis Canonico Suit - never worn

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought a suit that I never worn except for 1 time for less than half hour when trying it out at the store for adjustments. I need the money so I thought I'd sell it, and I realized that I'm not in the right situation in life at the moment where I could wear it. I'm not in the environment where people accept you at all if you are wearing a suit, nor do I have the means to wear it (little money, no position of any power, etc.). It seems like I won't be in such a situation for a while either, as I would need to go as far as moving to another country for starters, one where people don't see gym clothes as something a lot more respectable than a shirt and jeans, or especially a suit. Not to mention money issues for buying more clothing that I like. In short - I don't have the opportunity to wear this suit and it's just taking space, and I could indeed use the money, which makes me a lot more motivated to sell it.

Anyway, as I said, it's brand new. Adjustments made were right there at the store, and everything can be readjusted, expanded/contracted, etc. in case it doesn't fit you.

Reducing the price to 305 euros + shipping!

Jacket size (in centimeters):
Shoulder: 45.2
Chest: 100.4
Upper Waist: 87
Sleeve: 61.5
Back Length: 73

Waist: 78
Hip Width: 96
Upper Thigh: 52.8
Inner Leg: 82.2
Foot Width: 18.5

You can check the sizes here yourself (I took it from there): and keep in mind that you can get it adjusted - as you can see in the pictures, there's plenty of space to go one way or the other.

I paid 343,95 euros for it at the time, so given that some time has passed, all the inconveniences and all that, I think around 320 euros would be a fair price. I honestly don't know however (I haven't sold many clothing and I'm horrible at determining prices in the first place), so feel free to suggest your price. I would ship it from within Europe, so shipping would be 10-20 euros (probably closer to 10), depending on where you are and if you want a tracked and priority shipping or not. Usually it takes up to a week for the cheapest shipping to get there, but I've been told a few times it took up to 2 weeks. That's rare however. The priority shipping - I don't know as nobody asked me to use priority shipping. I used it once because I was late to ship out my stuff and it took around 3 days, but you can't really judge it objectively by a single time.

Feel free to ask anything or if you need more pictures.
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