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News from our shop! Soon we are closing Phoenix suit preorder - but we have a lot of new photoshoots! You can read more about our suit here: http://tommiler.com/2016/08/miler-menswear-suit/











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Meeting with SF guys the other day in San Fran :D 


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Meet our insanely beautiful collection of pocket squares inspired by animals inhabiting Polish forests :D 

The designs were prepared for us by famous Polish illustrator - Alek Morawski, who put a little bit of fairy tale atmosphere into them. 

And so we have a bear, hare, deer and a fox. Have a look :D 












The concept behind the squares is not based on art only. The way I thought about it was to make a very versatile pocket square that can be worn in a number of ways and match a number of ties. 

One way to wear them is to show the animal's head looking at others from your pocket square like this --> 







But then you can also fold it in a "puff" and that makes it incredibly versatile as you can use different folds for different effects. Have a look at the hare in the pocket square of this Miler Menswear MTM cashmere suit. In the picture below it is more gold and yellowish matching the suit ... 



... but if you wish, you can easily add some blue in the fold to match the shirt. Also note how it is not colliding with a tie pattern coming from absolutely different universe! 



All squares are available in our shop here and come at great prices if you go for a multipack! 

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