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News from our shop! Soon we are closing Phoenix suit preorder - but we have a lot of new photoshoots! You can read more about our suit here:











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Meeting with SF guys the other day in San Fran :D 


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Meet our insanely beautiful collection of pocket squares inspired by animals inhabiting Polish forests :D 

The designs were prepared for us by famous Polish illustrator - Alek Morawski, who put a little bit of fairy tale atmosphere into them. 

And so we have a bear, hare, deer and a fox. Have a look :D 












The concept behind the squares is not based on art only. The way I thought about it was to make a very versatile pocket square that can be worn in a number of ways and match a number of ties. 

One way to wear them is to show the animal's head looking at others from your pocket square like this --> 







But then you can also fold it in a "puff" and that makes it incredibly versatile as you can use different folds for different effects. Have a look at the hare in the pocket square of this Miler Menswear MTM cashmere suit. In the picture below it is more gold and yellowish matching the suit ... 



... but if you wish, you can easily add some blue in the fold to match the shirt. Also note how it is not colliding with a tie pattern coming from absolutely different universe! 



All squares are available in our shop here and come at great prices if you go for a multipack! 

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Quick update! 


There are a lot of things going on right now on MILER Menswear. New shirts just came to our shop; we also introduced classic grey suit and navy sport blazer and started posting photos - a lot - of our style combos in our Instagram. If you want to be up to date, take a look:

To buy our new shirts, pick one and leave us a message (here or through IG Direct) ->


Last week we were sporting these sets - what do you think? ;)






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Last week we wanted to check how our suits would work on athletic figures - we asked two triathlonists to wear them, but we were not aware of their understanding of the word "wear" :D We designed our suits to fit almost everyone: we have 50 sizes, depending on the height and chest size, and we can do alterations in our tailoring workshop. Take a look on our new photoshoot, and if you are interested, please visit us at and message us about the piece you would like to order!






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Usually we are big fans of classic and stylish menswear, but sometimes our team like to try something unusual. Look how our bespoke assistant is dealing with low contrast setup using our denim shirt, silk tie and MTM jacket. To see our RTW collection, feel free to check our website: 



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Good news! We are expanding our forest pocket squares collection: introducing boar, lynx, owl, wolf, bison and hedgehog! They are now available in preorder here:








If you are interested in ordering our clothes to other country, please contact us via e-mail ( or through private message on the Styleforum. 


PS: First look at MTM jacket made exactly as designed by one of our team members. Vintage look combined with Italian fit - results are very unconventional! :D 


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Okay, this is one of our favourite photoshoots (we are going to post our favourite-by-far soon ;)), inspired by Peaky Blinders. Flatcap, covertcoat, bold striped shirt and a beard - it's all you need!


All of our stuff is available here:






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We wanted to make the most versatile sport jacket as it's possible - that's how Turin was created. It includes:

-three patch pockets,
-wide notch lapels,
-slightly shorter jacket
-slimmer sleeves,
-no lining,
-almost no shoulder padding.


Take a closer look at Turin with one of our photoshoots we took in Autumn, and if you are interested in this jacket - look it up here: and hit us in private message! :)









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Our team is made of passionates about men's clothing, but everyone of them likes other things. Because of that we prepared style battle on our Facebook page with 5 of our team members. Let us know what combo you like the most - choose from semi-casual through bussines-formal to "The Great Gatsby" formal :D






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Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce our tuxedo - Broadway! We picked midnight blue, woolen fabric from Standeven, wide shawl collar, one-button jacket and trousers with suspenders and size-adjusters. Broadway was available in our RTW collection but right now we can redesign it with our MTM service.


Tuxedo photoshoot is the most eye-catching one in our portfolio. James Bond atmosphere, beautiful interiors and - of course ;) - perfectly designed tuxedo; if you are interested in our products (shirts, ties, pocketsquares and much more!) check our website: and write to us at 


And now, we will leave you with these marvelous photos ;)















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Reminder: our new shirts are now available online!
Our new collection includes:


1) White pinpoint shirt with cutaway collar, made of Tessitura Monti fabric



2) Light blue shirt with PoW pattern, made of Tessitura Monti Fabric



3) Shirt with discreet pattern, made of Tessitura Monti fabric



4) Light blue pinpoint shirt with cutaway collar, made of Tessitura Monti fabric



5) White oxford shirt with cutaway collar



6) White striped shirt, made of Tessitura Monti fabric, with cutaway collar



If you are interested in our products, please write to us at or leave private message here!

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After we finished our basic shirt collection, we wanted to design something special - the best materials and the best quality combined. This is how our Supreme collection was created.


Right now it includes:

-classic white shirt made of Cotonficio Albini fabric, with mother of pearl buttons and collar stiffeners;

-two beautiful printed silk seven-fold ties made in Italy; both made entirely by hand;

-gloves made of deer leather, entirely by hand.



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We want to provide very good quality in the best price available, but also we want to inspire. A lot of our customers are not sure how they should pair ties with pocket squares and shirts and we are more than happy to help them! Sometimes we are preparing ready-to-wear sets for our social media and they are more than often picked by our customers. Take a look and feel free to share your opinion! If you are interested in  our shirts, ties or pocket squares, visit our website ( and leave us a private message to talk about the price and the shipping!







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How many combinations can you make using only 2 suits, 3 shirts, 3 ties, 2 pairs of shoes and 2 belts? We wanted to check if it is enough for a stylish week. As you can see, we made it, and we used only:

-navy Phoenix suit;
-grey Onyx suit;
-white semiformal shirt;

-blue semiformal shirt;

-candy stripe shirt;

-green silk tie;

-navy silk tie;

-red silk tie;

-brown Berwick double monks;

-black Loake oxfords.


All pieces are available here: - message us if you are interested! And now, back to setups:
















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