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MILER Menswear - Official Affiliate Thread

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We are very pleased to welcome all SF members to the Official Affiliate Thread of MILER Menswear, a brand dedicated to developing classic menswear and making men look their very best.


Where do we come from?


MILER Menswear brand was founded in Poland by Tom Miler, who has been a dedicated member of SF for a number years now. It is no secret that we have a solid background in bespoke tailoring as we have our own workshop (5 tailors with decades of experience), who make 12-15 bespoke suits per month for customers in Poland. Some of you may have seen our suits worn by @Tom Miler in WRYWRN thread on SF. Due to our online media, the bespoke business run by Tom Miler has attracted a lot of attention (in Poland alone, our websites are visited by about half a million people monthly).



In bespoke tailoring we work with separate patterns for each customer; the interlinings are composed of flannel, canvas and horsehair, the button holes are hand-stitched and the suit made in the course of three fittings. As you surely know, this is not really a scalable business. The unexpected 'problem' that we faced was the increased interest in our clothes generated by Tom Miler's media presence (TV appearances and in the press through his popular blogs), proving that it is not the physical features of a man's body but his knowledge of colors and the right fit that are the key to looking great. Obviously, we appreciated this rapid surge in demand, but felt there is no way to compromise our quality. This is exactly why we decided to leave our bespoke businnes as it is and instead of scaling up, to reach out to larger audience by establishing a RTW brand that is based on our experience in luxury clothing. This is how MILER Menswear was created.


Where are we based?

Due to our online success in Poland, we were able to create a concept store that we feel is among Europe's most beautiful. Our spacious 300m2 store is located on two floors in the very heart of Poznań, Poland’s 5th biggest city and home to almost 600,000 people.


Some more pics of the shop here:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Front display

Ground floor with our whiskies

First floor with shirt wall in the back

We also have a bar and we sometimes host whisky evenings

With friends during an shoe polishing event (which we feel is a great opportunity to have a dram of whisky ;) ).



We love our showroom and we feel great working in such an environment that remains close to our roots. Nevertheless, we consider ourselves an e-commerce business and our main focus is on developing an exceptional online service. It is also important for us not to be faceless. Our professional team of 30 people make sure that things happen and our customers are happy every single day. This is (most of) us!




How do we work?


The business concept we use is very simple. Instead of buying ready products and putting our label on them, we seek out the best raw materials and work with subcontractors capable of delivering exceptional quality. All our materials come from Europe and all our products are manufactured here (at present, in Poland, Germany and Italy). The best thing, however, is that we retail our products at prices that guarantee one of the best price-quality ratios to be found online!


For instance, one of our shirts, made of the best twill cottons (mainly Italian), with 7 stitches per cm (x per inch), French seams, a split yoke, Ascolyte technology used for attaching buttons and open pockets for collar stiffeners … costs only about 80 EUR!





The same goes for our other products that enjoy great success among classic menswear aficionados. See them close-up at --> :)





We also have a small manufacture of leather goods called "Manufaktura Miler" where we focused on working with vegetable-tanned leather.




Since these are our first steps outside Poland (although several SF members are  already satisfied owners of our products), we feel extremely priviliged to be able to reach out to you in this thread and hopefully receive feedback on our products to make them even better.


We are social!

Of course, we would be absolutely delighted if you joined us on:





Feel free to message us at any time - we are truly passionate about what we do so we always have a moment to chat about timeless and top quality menswear!


Oh and BTW, since Tom Miler also happens to be one of Poland's leading whisky experts. The ground floor of our store is devoted to whisky carrying a couple hundred labels so when shopping at, you might choose a bottle or two of one of our superb malt or bourbon whiskies!

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Welcome aboard!

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Yes, good to see you onboard as an affiliate!

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Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

Welcome aboard!


Originally Posted by Andy57 View Post

Yes, good to see you onboard as an affiliate!

Thanks a lot guys! We hope to see you often in this thread :D 

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The other day we heard on SF that our shirts would be more attractive if we had some longer BD collars. We thought the idea is interesting and we gave it a try. Elongating the collar is simple but developing the roll is not. It took us a lot of time and effort to make sure the collar looks exactly the way we want.



The shirt evoked interest immediately and we were delighted to see it on Instagram worn by some great style influencers. Have a look :D


A great combo by Andreas Weinås of Andreas looks great with unbuttoned collar with his jacket controlling the collar. 

Andreas on IG:



Kamil Brycki of Miler Menswear. Kamil is our Brand Manager who has a true love for great clothes which usually makes him our first customer for anything new that we make. In the above picture he is sporting our long BD shirt with a bespoke vest from our workshop and a seven fold from our new collection that probably should not be revealed yet ;) 

Kamil on IG:



Check Dennis aka Kleidsam who is a digital lead at L'Équipe L'Oréal and personal style consultant at Sons of Savile Row. We particularly like his color selection and how the shape of his tie matches the line of the collar in our shirt.

Dennis on IG:


About longBD --> 

Apart from a special collar cut, we also used a different cotton. It is a beautiful twill that was lightly brushed for very soft touch that is pleasant to the skin. The shirt was made in a limited quantity (less than 100 pieces per color) and it is currently available here :)

We also offer it in beautiful mild red color that has a very casual look - you can check it out here.


We are very, very curious to know what you think about the cut of this collar ?!? :D :D :D

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I love it! Any chance of a picture of it without a tie or would it not work that way?
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Originally Posted by Chaconne View Post

I love it! Any chance of a picture of it without a tie or would it not work that way?

We think it works very well. Yesterday we had a customer try it on like that and he liked it so much that he purchased the shirt. We will post the photo of the shirt tieless but that's possible only tomorrow as now it's midnight in Poland ;) 

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sounds fantastic, good luck
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Originally Posted by Chaconne View Post

I love it! Any chance of a picture of it without a tie or would it not work that way?


That's a backstage foto of our long BD shirt worn tieless by Mateusz who is our e-commerce manager and brand model in one person :D. The shirt is brand new and it was not ironed (sooooorry ;) ) but you can see the collar properly :D If you need any more info, just let us know :)


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That's awesome...

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You guys ship to US, didn't see an option there
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Probably next week we will have worldwide shipping that is automatically calculated in our online shop, but for the moment you need to write us an e-mail ( and give us your adress so that we can calculate the shipping cost manually. 

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I like the design of your key jacket. Does it have room to hold a auto key with the electronic fob built in like that which comes with cars these days?

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Originally Posted by Jr Mouse View Post

I like the design of your key jacket. Does it have room to hold a auto key with the electronic fob built in like that which comes with cars these days?

It should fit - our key jacket is actually very spacious. Personally I got 7 normal keys in mine :)

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Hurrah! Welcome indeed icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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