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Photographer seeking perfect shirt

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Hi all,


I'm looking for the perfect chambray work shirt. I currently use an apolis usmc jacket when I'm out photographing, reason being the two chest map pockets (is that what you call them?) are perfect for holding film. I'm going to be working on a project in the deep south this summer, and I'm hoping to find a lightweight, but tough, chambray shirt with some kind of chest pocket similar to what's on the apolis usmc jacket. If anyone knows of such a beast please let me know. 


Also--what weight should I be looking for in a chambray shirt if I'm planning on working somewhere hot and humid? I'm unfamiliar with the material, but I've read it breathes much better than cotton.


Thanks for the help



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Chambray is a weave, and it's related to denim, but much lighter weight, but still sturdy.  For hot, humid conditions, go as lightweight as you can without compromising the durabiiity of a garment. 


For a chambray shirt with a flap closure on the pockets, maybe try this. from J Crew:

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Western shirts also often have this type of pocket, but with a snap closure, which I personally prefer.

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