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Matching My Date

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I have an upcoming dance at school and have a bit of a predicament. I got a made to measure suit made just for this event a couple months prior and did not expect to have a date. However, it has been an eventful couple of weeks and long story short I have a date to this dance now. Usually, dates will match for this event. The dress guidelines are pretty much the dressier end of semi-formal if not formal. I just need advice on whether or not I match her well enough and what I could do to match her even more. For the most part, her dress is black (the bottom half) with bejeweled detailing on the top half (I'm really bad at describing women's clothing) sorry. My suit is gray and can be seen in this link : . I really want to wear this suit because it was pretty pricy when I got it and I got it made specifically for this event without knowledge of eventually getting a date. So here's my question : should I wear the gray suit with a black tie or an ivory tie? If none of the above, what do you recommend? Might I also mention, I get my suits made to measure because I am quite small for my age and don't fit in off the rack suits. Therefore, if I rented a tux from somewhere it would be very ill-fitting and I'd rather look good than perfectly match so please don't recommend that I do so. 


Thank You so much in advance for helping me out! It's my senior year and my last dance so hopefully I'll look dapper! 



Tuan Nguyen 



also diamond tip bow tie or butterfly bow tie or just regular tie? white shirt or black shirt? is it acceptable to wear a cummerbund with a suit/should I or should I wear suspenders? 

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Gray suit, black tie, can't lose. Sounds perfect, and way better than a tux rental or a perfectly matched outfit, which is goofy anyway. 


Have a great time!

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You'll be in a grey suit, and your date will be in a black dress. That's fine. Highly compatible. Which is, frankly, almost always better than an exact match

You could wear it with a nice black tie, and you'd look fine. (Not all black ties are "nice." Many black ties are awful. But so are many non-black ties.)

If the bejeweled detailing on your date's dress were, say, mostly red, you could wear a red tie. If it were mostly blue, you could choose a blue tie. Etc. You certainly don't have to do this. It is in no way required, or really even preferred. But if you wanted to, and if you think your date would like it, you could do it.

Alternatively, you could opt to wear a boutonniere. Something simple - NOT some elaborate flower arrangement. And choose a flower the color of which goes nicely with the detailing on your date's dress. This is entirely traditional and appropriate, being essentially the masculine counterpart of a corsage. (If you do this, have a boutonniere loop added to your suit. It's inexpensive, and any halfway decent alterations person could do it for you quickly and very inexpensively.)
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Ask yourself, "What would James Bond do?" and act accordingly. I agree with chetB. Add a sexy pocket square and there you go.
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Originally Posted by pravda View Post

Ask yourself, "What would James Bond do?"
Have a vodka martini, engage in excessive violence and property damage, rely on neat gadgets to deal with the overly complex plans of incompetent villains, show thinly veiled disrespect for his superiors, then swap STDs with women named Pussy and Plenty? All while wearing a dive watch with a tuxedo?

But I admit I haven't seen the last few James Bond films, so perhaps the character's been updated.

Then again, this is a high school dance we're talking about...
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High school is the new 50
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