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So i'm looking for a tie...

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Hello everyone,


I have been looking to upgrade/refresh my tie-collection with smarter more stylish ties, and in this process i have come across a style of tie that i cant seem to find in any store, which is why i hope someone here can help me find what im looking for.

The style is the ones Mike Ross wears in the first few seasons of the TV show 'Suits'. They are often a solid/uniform color, slim and with one or a few diagonal stripes across below the knot. Please see links below for examples.

The ones i like the most are from Rag & Bone, but it seems they are no longer in their collection.



So now i have my fingers crossed that someone might know where to buy this style of tie.




Best regard.



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Why ever do people believe that clothes seen on Television or in films can be bought and why on earth do they have so little dress sense as to need such a prop?
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Uhmm, isn't the fact that i have found these ties in the links enough proof that they can be bought?... Also, im not saying that i want the exact sames ones that you see on the show, i'm just saying that i like the design. Isn't that okay? I dont see any problems with drawing inspiration from things you see on tv. 


And another thing, why do you bother writing that post, if all you want to do is complain? How empty your life must be... 

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GBR is a fool

I make shirts for a number of TV shows.
Ties are only custom made for period work or if multiples can't be purchased or a specific shade.

I know one of the former costume designers from Suits.
they are not shy to buy expensive designer clothing for the leads.

I have also seen crap from H & Mused as well.
but they almost always overspend for the lead actors.

I cant help you sourcing the tie. sorry
I hope my response was more helpful than GBR
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I can't tell you where you can find ties like that, but I can tell you that you're probably gonna disslike them in quite some time. I'd suggest you buy some ties that will last you a lifetime. e.g. nothing trendy, nothing skinny.

Check out patrizio cappelli & shibumi for a pricerange below 100$

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@ Shirtmaven. Thanks for you reply, very helpfull. I knew that the clothes worn on the show was for sale somewhere, since i have seen the network post pictures where they tell you what brands the actors are wearing. 

Oh and, i never doubted that GBR was a fool :D


@ JohnnyDeVore. I have a bunch of "regular" ties, since i wear a suit and tie for work every day... i just want to add something smart/fun/different, and i like the style i mentioned. I fully expect that this wont be the case some day, but i guess thats style/fashion for you ;)

I had a look at the two brands you suggested. They look interesting, thanks.

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Originally Posted by Whame View Post
i just want to add something smart/fun/different, and i like the style i mentioned.

Since I can't stop you from going into the wrong direction I can at least help thombrowne to make some money. (I don't know if thats a good or a bad thing)

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What do you mean by slim tie ? 


I usualy wear 8cm width ties which really fit my body proportion.


Regarding the style, I thing regimental ties would be a smart option if you find some exciting colors.


Finally, I only wear Drake's and Boivin who are, I think, among the best makers in the world.


I hope this will help.

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