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Lapel pins

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any feeling on lapel pins? they seem to have made a huge comeback since 9/11.
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I have some mid century bowling award lapel pins that I found in a thrift shop years ago. They jazz up some of my plain sportcoats Plus I now quite often make a point of wearing a U.S.flag pin when I am out of the country.
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Yes for politicians and Secret Service agents. No for everyone else. Trilby
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Maybe on occasion.  Say you attend the meeting of some organization of which you are a member and have a pin denoting some honor it has given you, then I think it's appropriate.  Maybe it's just me, but I think it's calling attention to yourself.
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I own a few lapel pins, from schools I've attended or organizations I've done business with. I wear them occasionally, sometimes matching the pin to the event or meeting, sometimes not (a school pin to a school function is boring, an Amnesty International pin to a school function is interesting). The most thought I give the matter is to wear pins received as gifts when meeting with the gift giver himself. It's a small showing of respect, courtesy, and gratitude.
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Used to wear a bulldog pin (see 'quirky clothes' thread)--a few years ago, just about the time your grandparents were born. Fun conversation piece in the days of boy-meets-girl-amid-the-ferns. Hope they make a comeback. "And what's your sign?"
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Yes for politicians and Secret Service agents.  No for everyone else.
That's immediately what I thought...they're for politicians. For everybody else, how about boutonnieres? That's what I'm working toward, starting (slowly) with my own lapel.
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They are rather kitschy in that 60's member of a lodge type way. Although most of the time they are something I'd rather not wear.
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I like lapel pins and have quite a collection. Of course, being involved in conservative politics makes it fairly easy to wear them. Among my collection, I have, of course, the American Flag pin that is now practically a requirement for political events; a Republican Elephant pin for partisan events; a Promise Keepers pin for conservative religious events; an Arizona Flag pin for state events; and a pin depicting tiny baby feet for pro-life events. I have numerous pins from different political campaigns in which I have been involved over the past 20 years, including Sen. John McCain, Congressman Jim Kolbe, and many other candidates who didn't win and of whom you've never heard. I also have some from organizations for which I have worked or been involved, such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Red Cross, the Active 20/30 Club, and the Children's Miracle Network Telethon. Then I have the random ones that I've accumulated along the way, like my Bud Bowl III lapel pin and my Johnny Walker walking man pin - unfortunately those don't get worn too often. I'm sometimes tempted to become one of those guys who puts all my lapel pins on a vest or a cowboy hat and wears it to political conventions and other activities and then I stop myself by reading the StyleForum and reminding myself that I have more taste than that.   Bradford
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