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Shirt/tie/PS recommendations with this sportcoat  

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First time poster with medium to somewhat strong sartorial confidence, so be gentle.


Recently purchased this sportcoat (BB tonal striped seersucker) for wear at a June outdoor wedding.  Dress is specified as, ahem, "outdoor summer fancy". Knowing the couple as I do, I'm confident I will be appropriately attired.


What combinations would look best with this, other than what's shown? I was thinking either tropical weight navy or light grey trousers and brown cap toes, though I could be persuaded on other shoe choices. I know cream or very light trousers would also work, but I'd prefer the navy or grey.


I would appreciate help on shirt/tie/PS combos. 


Could I do a light pink shirt if I go with grey trousers? Navy knit tie?


If I go with a white shirt, should I do a Matka tie? Linen tie?


Not my photo - straight from the BB website.


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Welcome to the forum @MediumTex.  I would probably wear light brown linen trousers, a light blue chambray or white linen shirt, white linen square, a navy knit tie, and some sort of suede shoes...loafers or derbies.  That's just one option...

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Agreed...for a "summer" (is all of June considered summer?) wedding, then light colored trousers for sure. I was first thinking of off-white, but since you've already nixed that idea, then very light grey would be good. Since it's a more formal occasion wear a white shirt (a linen-cotton blend would be great). A navy tie is a safe bet, but you could get away with other colors if you wanted. I think anything with small white dots adds a bit of class and dressiness in these situations...even if it was just a navy knit tie. 

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