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What weave/fabric of dress shirts do you like? - Page 2

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This is a good thread, raising an interesting issue. My own tastes in weave and texture have changed over the years. I think that there's definitely a place for plain poplin (or broadcloth), and with the Super cottons (like 160s and 180s), they probably show to best advantage with this finish. For a light summer dress shirt, I really like a cloth like the Alumo soyella (170s) or duecento (200s) in a light 90 g. smooth broadcloth, even in plain colors. In some cases (but certainly not all), I agree that a poplin can be a little bland--particularly in a white, or plain-color, shirt--but I have no problem whatsoever with it in stripes or checks. I used to wear a lot of pinpoint and Oxford cloth, but don't like it as much anymore. I'm also not wild about twill weaves, unless they're very fine. On the other hand, I really like herringbone weaves (go figure!), and weaves that seem to be collectively referred to as "basketweave" or "beehive"--more usually a pique of some kind. On non-business dress shirts (for wearing out to recreational affairs), I like more texture or something going on, particularly in a plain-color shirt, and am becoming fond of tone-on-tone patterns. For me these days, plain broadcloth seems fine for business, but I often want something fancier for special occasions.
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I read this thread and did some searching for others pertaining to shirt composition. Every shirt I own is 100% cotton. However, as this thread would indicate, some feel "dressier" like my Gap and Express shirts while others feel like "work shirts" such as my shirts from Eddie Bauer. I realize there are different thread counts, etc. My questions: Can you wear any style/thread count/composition cotton shirt for any application? Would the thick Eddie Bauer shirt look silly with a suit or would the Express shirt over power a pair of jeans, for example? There seems to be types of cotton shirts for certain applications. How do I identify the type of construction (say, while in the store) despite that none are labeled beyond "100% Cotton" and what blends are best for what applications? i.e. "Blend 'X' is great for summer because it _______." Thanks!
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Out of curiosity, why no love for plain shirt poplins?

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I see that this is ancient necro thread, but as I didn't chime in during its first incarnation, I might as well do so now:


End-on-end is my favourite shirt weave for solid colours, and broadcloth/poplin for patterned shirts. Oxford for casual shirts can obviously be nice too. To answer printyra's question, for me, poplin solids can sometimes look a bit drab/flat. End-on-end gives them just enough interest in the weave to look like they have some visual life, at least for me.


I really don't like twill or royal oxford at all, though in theory I wouldn't object to a brushed twill for an autumnal casual checked shirt. Herringbone looks nice in isolation but I have trouble pairing herringbone shirts, so don't get them any more.

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Yea, the StyleForum101 section actually links to this particular thread, so I figured why not revive it instead of starting a new one.  I am looking to expand my plain white and plain blue collection and was wondering why people felt certain ways about certain fabric weaves.

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