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San Francisco Spring Trunk Show


We'll be doing all sorts of special MTO opportunities, as always, and will post about them as they firm up.


  • Sartoria Formosa MTO/MTM (please use the Google spreadsheet to request swatch books) 
  • Vass MTO (special pricing)
  • G. Inglese MTO/MTM (waived minimum order)
  • Drakes custom ties (including classic swatches)
  • Inis Meain MTO (including classics and new styles)
  • Rota MTO (dozens of fabric swatches, ability to pick style high rise or not, pleats/no-pleats)


If you want to see or try anything specific from the store, please enter your request here and we'll make sure to bring it there.



A good opportunity to grab a drink and meet up too - let's see who is up for it


Please RSVP here for drinks/dinner so we can plan stuff :