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What to wear with the attached tweed jacket.  

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Good afternoon Gents,

I have just purchased my first tweed, and was wondering what would be the usual go to for the rest of the outfit for a smart casual occasion.

My thoughts for trouses would be either dark brown or blue corduroy trousers (turn ups).

Shoe wise, Loake, Eaton's (brown swede)

White Emmett shirt, with large cheque in simular colour to blazer.

Thank you for your time,


Edit: The tweed is olive and brown.

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I wouldn't do dark brown I think. Probably light grey white or olive or maybe blue.
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That makes a lot of sense, Thank you.
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A nice dark pair of denim would not be out of place, maybe a dark indigo. You said the one you have will be of similar colors, it could look odd and could even be hard to look at. Try to find a shirt that contrasts the rest of the outfit without without picking a loud color. I would say a solid white would be the best option, and don't forget a solid white cotton pocket square!

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And don't fail to consider a bow tie with that jacket.

Since I tend to think of tweed jackets as being cooler weather clothing (exceptions exist), I might pair it with the sort of bow tie I regard as a "winter" tie. Say, a substantial wool bow tie. If you go for corduroys, as you indicate you might, they would fit in very nicely with the whole cold weather thing.

But naturally, a "non-seasonal" silk bow tie could also work perfectly well. As could non-corduroy pants.

While I respect Dusty01's right to suggest wearing jeans with your jacket, I have to admit that I'm not a fan of the look. While jeans with jacket can sometimes look okay if one is young enough (although it's often not the best look, even then), once past college age it becomes increasingly difficult to justify.
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I sorta agree with the jeans comment. It's a hard look to complete well and i would say chinos instead.
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Thank you for the reply. 


I shall not be wearing denim with the tweed, as it reminds me of all the young men around where I live on a Saturday night (Loughton), Jacket a size too small so the button/s cant be done up, skin tight, stretchy blue denim, the color of the cool blue Doritos chips packet, black pointed winkle picker shoes and a tie that only goes down to their 3rd button.


Regarding the Bow tie, unfortunately, I just don't think I could pull it off... 


At present I am leaning towards either light grey trousers, white chinos or mustard corduroys. I will be popping up the West end tomorrow, and may pop in SuitSupply also with my jacket to find what would be best suited.


I will keep you posted.



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