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Eating in San Francisco

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Ok, I didn't find a thread in the first search page on this sub-forum for eating in "The City", which is a bit shocking. I actually have a specific question in mind, but people can weigh in on restaurants etc. and discuss, making this a more open thread hopefully in the end. So, specific question in the spoiler, otherwise, foodies, talk away.


The help I need.... (Click to show)

I need a decent restaurant that can take a large party 12-14 people on a Thursday. Ideally, reasonable MUNI ride away from Union Square where we'll be.


Not too expensive for academics on a research budget, but in a city this rich in food choices, even with prices going up on everything, this must be possible. 


Castro, Mission, even the Inner Sunset though that is less preferable. Of course anything near downtown too would be fine though I prefer to head out.




@Mr. Six





and anyone else who is in the Bay Area and has an idea, your help is appreciated. Please ping any other residents of the City or Bay Area.


Suggested courses etc. also appreciated. Any type of food is fine.


Heck places to avoid also good.




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Simple suggestions are often the best too. It just has to be decent and accommodating. 

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For a group that size it is hard to beat the R&G Lounge in Chinatown. Everyone gets the deep fried salt and pepper crab at least once. Had a few large group gatherings there and always good, lively and fun.

Then go down the street to Li Po Cocktail lounge for their Mai Tai and to hang out. Fun, diverse crowd.

If you hit these two places in one night you will have a good time, good food, good drinks and see a fun side of SF missed by many.
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The limiting factor here is the size of your group. It's hard to find a place that will take a reservation for that many. All of my recommendations are based around that. If the group were smaller there would be more options.


I think you should all just go to El Farolito or La Taqueria, stand in line, and get burritos. I expect that most of the group will never have had a good burrito. They shouldn't be deprived. Then you can head over to Dandelion to try some locally made chocolate something for desert. There are a ton of bars in the area if you want to drink afterward.


Limon Rotisserie in the Mission (there are two) at least has the room to accommodate a group like that. It's Peruvian chicken with lots of tasty side options. It's actually really good for a group. Again, lots of bars in the area to go to afterward.


If you want contemporary Indian, Dosa might take a group that big.


For more standard Americanized Indian, I like Aslam's Rasoi. I'm pretty sure they'd accommodate you.


Front Porch might take a reservation for a group that big. Great fried chicken and southern fare.


Over on Hayes, you could try calling Suppenküche to see if they'd take a reservation for that many.


If I think of anything else, I'll supplement.

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@GusW and @Mr. Six 


Thanks gents...hmmm, lots to think about. I found a Thai place (Lers Ros) that will take us, but I'm going to investigate your suggestions which sound like they might feed into more fun after dinner.


Cheers. Next time, with a bit more advance notice, we'll have to get together ourselves.

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Thanks @GusW @Mr. Six @sacafotos and @jcmeyer for recs. Uploading just three pics 




Not documented: a visit to Tartine, Lers Ros Thai on Hayes where I managed to reserve a table for a very large party, hot pot in the outer sunset, and a quick jaunt to the Ferry Building (which was near the conference I was at).


Had an ok burrito (probably the best near Union Square where I was stuck) but wasn't able to get away to the Mission (liked Pancho Villa back in the day when I lived across the street from it and heartened to see it still there despite the obvious changes happening in that neighborhood).

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