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Hi everyone, 


As a lot of you may have already found out, early this week we started a "Menswear Advice" forum:


This new forum is for all those little questions that you may have, and is meant for everyone.

We wanted a "judgement free" forum that would allow both new and well established members to ask all any question that you might feel intimidated asking here on the main forum because "you should know already" (if you knew already, you wouldn't have to ask the question), and to also house all of the "small question" that not really for longer discussions, since a forum is much easier to navigate that a bit "ask a question" thread, where questions are easily lost and overlooked.  


Please take a look and feel free to post there as you like.  If you have any comments or suggestions for that forum and its special rules (unique on Styleforum) please feel free to comment here.  And please keep the tone, both on this thread and in that forum, positive and constructive.