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Wondering how dated this blazer is  

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Thinking about buying this used RLBL blazer but wondering how dated it looks and not sure about a blazer with peak lapels. Want it for work wear when just a tie is not enough but a suit is too much.
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Looks fine, but it depends on you - eg age etc.
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Pushing 40 but not there yet. Typically dress conservative but don't want to look like a slouch.
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Kind of depends on your style I guess.  I never really class any clothing as dated, I'm always buying vintage clothing etc and personally peaked lapels are my fav.  Blazer looks cool to me so guess it just depends on how you wear it :)

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Classic menswear - as opposed to "fashion" menswear - tends to age very slowly and gracefully. I have items (sportcoats, suits) in my closet from 20+ years ago, which I can wear without appearing in any way dated.

The key is to avoid details which represent stylistic extremes, as these tend to be "in" for a relatively brief time, then look ridiculous. For example, Enormous lapels/extremely thin lapels, "trendy" colors/fabrics (so no lime green polyester leisure suits), fits which are either laughably snug and short, or those where are so generous as to scream "I'm from 1952!"

The blazer pictured is not obviously dated.

That having been said, I don't care for peak lapels for businesswear, but I suppose other people, in other places, or in other types of offices/professions, may see absolutely nothing wrong with it. And even I have little objection to it when worn in a non-work setting.

For that matter, I don't really care for wearing a blazer to the office. A suit can be fine. A sportcoat might even be okay. But a blazer isn't exactly the same as a sportcoat (or at least it's a rather specific and distinct subset of the larger set "sportcoat"), and at least in my admittedly conservative opinion, it represents "social occasion," and not "at work."

(I do, however, like blazers just fine, and wear them not infrequently. Simply not at work.)
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