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Markings in ae shoes

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I informed about the markings in AE shoes. I got a very good answer I want to share here:
The coding inside the shoes tells quite a bit of information regarding the shoe. If you look at your strand, you stated the markings are as such: 8.5 D 22643 II 6155 COMB. 4613 On the top line, 8.5 D is the size and width of the shoe. 22643 is what is called a Case number. This number is used internally during manufacturing to track the shoes progress through the factory. All shoes are made in lots of 12. There are 12 pair of shoes per case which is where the next number comes in. The II that you see is actually a number 11, this is called the Match Mark number. So this shoes is Pair number 11 of 12 in case number 22643. On the bottom, we start with the Style Number. The style number 6155, tells us the type of shoe, the color of the shoe, and what last the shoe was manufactured on. COMB designates that the shoe was manufactured on a 'combination last' This marking is rarely used any longer, since all of our lasts are now combination lasts. Lastly the 4613 is the production date code. 46 is the week of production, 1 is the day of the week, and 3 is the year. So your 6155 Tan Grain Strand lace-up shoe, was manufactured in mid-November in the year of 1993 or 1983. Sincerely, Ryan W Wiedenmeier E-commerce/Tech Support Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corp.
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Thanks for the interesting and deciphering post. Very informative. I wonder how many manufacturers out there put 'date' codes in their garments?
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Had to go look at my first pair of nice shoes: the AE Park Avenue from Nordstrom's. I was nervous spending over $200 on a pair of shoes but they remain my only pair of black cap-toes. 9 EEE 71779 2 5615 0528 Thanks for the info. This shoud definitely help with buying and selling on ebay.
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