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Navy or Black Polo?  

Poll Results: Navy or Black Polo

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I want to buy a nicer polo than the cheap ones I have from Uniqlo at the moment.


I have the same complexion/hair color as this guy:




I feel like navy goes with more things, but black will look a lot better with the outfits that it goes with.

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Navy looks better on olive complexions, (and most complexions) 9 times out of 10. Black has its place as well, but if you have neither, and need to choose, a midnight blue/dark navy is always a good bet.
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LA Guy nails the answer.

I'll add that it holds even more true with regard to suits. I wear suits 5-6 days per week, for both professional wear and in social settings, and I have done so for decades. In all that time, I can't think of a single instance where I wished I were wearing a black suit, rather than a navy or grey one. And yes, that includes funerals.

A black necktie can definitely be worth owning, though.
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Navy all the way.
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