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Does my suit look terrible?  

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Hello all - bought a suit recently but unfortunately I committed to it before really doing my homework and am stuck. I feel ok about it, it seemed great when I got it, but the more I read the more I wonder if I will look like a right fool wearing it. Or will only the types of people who come on this forum notice? I'm not needing to be 100% at the top of the fashion game, just want to look more presentable than most I see.  I really increased the contrast in the photos to really bring out any issues, a lot of things I see here aren't as notable in person. 





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Welcome to the forum, @mrpillow.  Terrible?  No.  There are noticeable issues but you will see much, much worse in most workplaces.

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Thanks for the reply. The things that stick out most - to me - are how crumply it looks on the back of the jacket and the pants. I have tried using a mirror to see in person, and like I said it is more difficult to make out when the contrast and lighting aren't ramped up. I can't help but have some buyers remorse! It certainly wasn't pricey, but for me it was a big purchase. 



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The main problem I see is that the jacket is, honestly, too small for you. It's too short and the buttoning point is too high. That makes it seem even smaller. The pants are also a bit narrow, it seems to me. And it's a bit shiny. But, as Murlsuirl wrote, it's not terrible. Before buying another suit, lurk awhile on this forum and you'll pick up some useful information that will help you assess fit better and make choices you'll be more confident in.

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